Possible Deflation and Capsular Contracture???? Help Please!

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I was a 32B and went to a 32D. Everything went...

I was a 32B and went to a 32D. Everything went perfect up until about 3+ months ago when i noticed a look of deflation in one breast and firming of my opposite breast. I now feel horrible about the way i look.

I got the surgery to feel better about myself and to fill out my clothes better (being a VERY petite girl) and I feel it has done so until now. I can live with the firmness of the left breast but not the loss of cleavage/size in the right. Very depressing :(

This march will mark the one year anniversary of when i got saline breast implants. Over the last 3+ months i have noticed my right breast not filling out the right side of my bra as well as the left and my left breast appears to be getting firmer. I also feel like i have lost the appearance of cleavage on the right side. I used to fill my bras out but now i feel like i'm "shrinking." Could i have a possible VERY slow leak in the right breast and capsular contracture starting in the left? I have been extremely depressed about the fact that my right breast is noticeably smaller and i cannot afford to go through another surgery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I think my procedure just has complications, but i trust he is an excellent surgeon

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