Highly Recommend LASIK, Amazing Experience - St. John's, Canada

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I intend to go into astronomy, and as a physics...

I intend to go into astronomy, and as a physics major spend a lot of time in front of computers. Glasses are a hinderance, often get fogged up (it's Canada, it gets cold), and are generally smudged even if I remember to clean them regularly. Everyone who I mentioned I was thinking about LASIK would tell me to just do it, it's amazing.

During my (free) consultation I was told I had larger than average pupils, so it was highly recommended that I go with the advanced waveform procedure to reduce my risk of halos and star bursts. The cost was a bit scary, but even if I didn't have my parents offer to pay I would have been able to afford it with their great financing plan.

So, on November 5th I went under the laser! I was at the clinic for about 5 hours, as they told me I would be. The waiting area was very comfortable, with BBC Earth playing on the TVs. Someone came out to tell me what each step would entail and how the rest of the day would progress. This was very helpful in easing my mind about what was to come. At each step I was asked if I had any questions, and they were very transparent about the risks and the odds of them.

While waiting (most of the 5 hours is spent doing this) there were cookies to snack on, water, tea, or coffee to drink, and every so often the receptionist would come around and make sure we were comfortable. They also offer free wireless, so was able to update my facebook and twitter as the afternoon progressed. All the workers seemed genuinely happy, which went a long way in helping me feel relaxed.

The procedure itself only took about 10 or 15 minutes. The doctor was amazing, taking me step by step through what he was going to do. During the entire procedure he kept talking, telling me I was doing great, to keep relaxed just as I was. It did eventually take on the quality of Charlie Brown's teacher, but it was very comforting to hear him while I couldn't see. There was no pain as such, but parts were fairly uncomfortable. I appreciated how they kept the instruments that kept my eyes open out of view, I was able to just pretend it wasn't happening since I couldn't really feel it anyway. It was over quickly, and still no major pain. Just a twinge while blinking.

The rest of the evening my eyes were somewhat itchy, and the eye drops were kind of annoying but over all it was easy! The next day I was way better, and already I could see with almost no blurriness. At my follow up the tech told me that I can expect some residual dryness which is what is causing the bit of blurriness. However! Even though it takes a few days for your eyes to reach their maximum, I can already see 20/15! There is a little bit of bruising around one of my eye lids which is normal, and some redness in the whites of my eye which while looking alarming isn't bothering me at all.

I couldn't be happier with how it went and the outcome! HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who can get it!


I was so well taken care of and everyone was super helpful. I can't recommend them highly enough!

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