Almost 45, Fit, Mom of 3, Getting Waist Snatched

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I'm finally getting lipo of my stomach and flanks....

I'm finally getting lipo of my stomach and flanks. I have been wanting this for years but as I get older I'm working harder at the gym and my waistline and 4 pack abs are disappearing more and more each year. I don't want to be 50 with a pooch, so this is also preventative. I don't have stretchmarks or a lot of loose skin so a tummy tuck is not needed.

Here are the pics

I have no idea why the pics are sideways. Smh I don't usually post my personal business, but I thought I might be able to help someone make a decision that's in the same category as me. People always tell me I'm crazy and I don't need anything done. But my flanks have been poking out of clothes since forever. Now, my tummy is getting harder to stay flat and maintain definition (4 pack) even tho I eat well and work out 3-4 days a week. I think it's pre-menopausal weight settlement and I'm nipping it in the bud before it gets out is control. Being slim w a belly is not cute.

Having second thoughts

I'm really concerned about not seeing a big difference in my waistline. Some before and after photos of slimmer people look pretty much the same. I'm also concerned about recovery. I hear that being awake is the best way to go. I usually recover from stuff pretty well, but I'm older now so I'm a little scared. Im going to pay the full amount monday so I cant back out. Im really going to stress to the doctor to take out as much fat as possible from my waistline.

Pics w a dress on.

Seems like every since I scheduled this lipo my stomach looks extra full lol

Less than a week to go

Not really nervous. Just want to get this over with. Lol. Picked up my pain script. The office was super nice to me. I bought new bikinis so I'll post the befores and afters.

Tomorrow is the day

I measured my waste around my flanks and its 32 1/12. Hoping to lose at least 4 inches when it's all said and done. I'm SUPER nervous looking at all the reviews they are very mixed. I'm taking my vitamedica recovery support and I have been following all my pre op instructions. My last workout will be in a couple hours. Surgery early tomorrow morning. Terrified!! Awake lipo has many mixed reviews. Praying for a smooth procedure and easy recovery.

Surgery was yesterday!

SOOOOOOO... the procedure is done and over with! First I want to say that the only pain I felt was a needle in my arm for a sedative. IT REALLY HURT LOL But it was just a needle. Then they gave me 2 pills and I barely remember anything. I had local. All the reviews of pain scared me so I was TERRIFIED! For nothing lol. I remember them telling me to turn on my side and feeling a nice gentle massage and for a second I wondered if that was the lipo wand. Then the next thing I know I was in my bed. lol I had my follow up yesterday. I will update pics in the days to come. I feel good today. I went for a short walk and even did a little laundry. I stopped taking the pain meds the morning after the surgery and I'm just doing tylenol every 4 hours. I'm definitely sore, but its absolutely bareable. stay tuned.

Day 4 post

Better night last night. Still a little nauseous and my back is really swollen. I'm going to take a 20 min walk outside today. This is definitely a little more difficult than I thought.
Dr Pooja Malik

So far so good....The doctor seems to know exactly what I'm looking for. The office was pretty busy but I could tell the doctor did her best to not make me feel rushed. She was kind and assured that she knows what she is doing. I have heard good things about her. Shes ethnic, so I think she understands what look I'm going for. The office was clean and the staff was kind.

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