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I was very satisfied with the results of the...

I was very satisfied with the results of the treatments. I had six sessions over five months. The pain during treatment was excruciating, however I have a very low tolerance for pain. The skin was red and swollen for 2-3 days after each treatment, then returned to a normal appearance, with small stubs of hair falling out of the follicles occasionally. The first year of results was wonderful, however I recently saw my dermatologist for severe itching of my thighs, which I had scratched until there were sores resembling eczema. He said that it was unusual for such a young girl to have dry skin, as I should have plenty of oil coming to the surface of skin through hair, so I pointed out that I had had my hair removed. He explained that oil is brought to the surface of your skin through your hair follicles, which, if destroyed, stop producing oil, resulting in extremely dry skin. He diagnosed me with eczema. As much of a problem as it's going to be, I would still have the laser treatments if I could go back. Only having to shave very light amounts of hair every few weeks is worth it for me.

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