Capsular Contracture - Springfield, MO

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I had been unhappy with my breast size since...

I had been unhappy with my breast size since puberty, and wanted them done for years. Finally on 7/19/10 I got my wish! I researched for months and was on cloud 9 knowing that I was finally going to feel like a woman!

I started off a small A cup and got 400cc smooth silicone under the muscle.

First of all, I am not pleased with the size. Second of all, they are far apart and I have zero cleavage unless I wear a huge uncomfortable push up bra; even then they still aren't the way I'd like them to look! Lastly,I have capsular contraction in my left breast and it is continuing to get worse. My nipple/down is totally numb. I was put on vitamin E which didn't help, I was prescribed Singulair but my insurance company wouldn't approve it, and I didn't want to pay out of pocket for something that may not even work. I am so disappointed with this entire process and wish there was something I could do!

Does anyone have any advice for me?!?!

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