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So everyone I know is posting about It Works on...

So everyone I know is posting about It Works on facebook, so i bought one to try to see what the fuss was about. I wasn't impressed. My results from the it works wrap is 0- absolutely nothing. I exercise everyday and eat healthy as well. That is the only way you will get lasting results for weight loss. The whole "drink lots of water" is key for any weight loss plan. It is the best thing for you! So these pictures floating around of people losing 50-100 lbs aren't real. If they loose that much weight it is due to them changing their eating and exercise habits and working hard to get results. Those kind of results aren't instant but they are much more important because they have worked for them not just put a wrap on for 45 and expect it to all disappear. If someone wants to loose weight and inches they need to get up off their butts and do something not just put a wrap on and expect a miracle. So my recommendation would be use your money to buy healthier food and join a gym or start an exercise program and stick to it. I also think this is just a fad. This will soon be gone and something else will take its place.
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