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Hello everyone. I have finally made the decision...

Hello everyone. I have finally made the decision to do the surgery. It is scheduled for Nov. 22, 2016. I am 56 years old and large breasts on my 120 small frame have been a lifetime of pain. I am a 34DDD however I don't think that is right as I think I am larger but just haven't re-measured and I am tired of spending a fortune on bras that don't fit! I have 2 herniated discs in my neck and back pain all the time. Just sitting in a chair at my kitchen counter on a stool writing this causes so much neck pain from the pull on frontal pain. I plan on going small. Like a b size. I want to wear clothes that actually don't have to accomodate my large breasts. I don't have a ton of concerns just mostly the recovery. I am a daycare provider but I have 2 employees who will help with my recovery. My doctor says about a month. I have personally talked to others who have had the surgery and no regrets at all. I am hoping not to stay overnight in the hospital as my $3000 deductible will kick in but if I do then I am worth it I say. Today I start the round of appointments to get everything rolling. From woman who are small framed and large breasts with indents in their shoulders did you go small and are you happy with your new sizes? Everyone else any suggestions or thoughts? Thank you. I can't wait to burn all my bra's!!!
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