40,mom to 3, (4 Including my Hubby Lol) Body is Tired - Springfield, MA

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As long as I remember I've had these girls. The...

As long as I remember I've had these girls. The time has come for us to part. Since April I have been constantly thinking of having a BR. For one reason or the other, it has been delayed. 9/21 I finally had my first consult, but the p.s. had surgery that day and was running late, so my appt. was rushed, I left feeling uneasy. A 2nd consult w/ a new p.s. scheduled for 12/5. But I'm tired of waiting...

How about meet with me first !

Feeling so frustrated! After waiting and being postponed for one reason or another, I finally got within a week of my consultations with both surgeons. The original surgeon appt. on Thursday and on Monday next week with the new doc. Well they both called today to confirm. The new dr said "before she can see me my Bmi has to be 35 and it looks like I'm a 36. So they can reschedule so I could lose 10lbs. I told her hell no! I'm tired of waiting and she won't even meet with me ! I'm not even sure if that's what I weigh, how about have the consultation then make a decision! I'm gonna just go with the first doctor. I've been waiting since April ! I think I know where I could lose the 10lbs from Doc !
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