20 Years Old One Baby 181 Pounds 5'2 - Springfield, MA

Hiii Im 20 years old and im going to be going for...

Hiii Im 20 years old and im going to be going for a consultation at springfield MA to dc melissa johnson. im excited and what not but still saving up on money dont have enough, but was wondering if anyone knew how to get accepted through care credit with no credit? lol if that makes sence. im looking forward to geting a brazilian but lift by Dr melissa johnson heard very good reviews by her. also im hoping she can give me the more rounder perkier shelf bubble but that i want. After birth my booty just shrunk. i gained upto 30 -50 pounds throughout my pregnacy. and i gained in the wrong areas before itd go straight to my booty but then it had gone to love handles i got a back bra roll all wrong places. :( i hope Dr Melissa can give me the look i want and acheive the body that i had a year ago lol :( but with a bigger exagerated booty :)
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