Male, Smart Lipo performed by Dr Perlman. Spring, TX

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Wanted to post my smart lipo experience here so...

Wanted to post my smart lipo experience here so hope this will help someone out here considering having this procedure performed. I workout a few times a week and have always watched my diet but at my age I can't lean out my midsection. Hoping to lose some inches and get back my body I had when I was younger.

2 hours and counting

Surprisingly calm and ready, just took my Ultram with some fruit and taking my Ativan as I get to the office. So ready for this happy and excited !!!!

Half way done!!!

Did my back first and took out 1000cc's, now waiting for anesthesia to take effect on front and finish. Zero pain, zero issues been easy procedure all the way. Dr Perlman is very gentle and meticulous as he explains very step as it's being performed.

All Done

1800 cc's removed , went way better than I ever dreamed it could have been. Dr Perlman, Debbie and Erica were very professional and attentive to my every need. Very smooth procedure , can't wait to heal up and lipo my chin area.

Heavy draining

Pretty heavy draining, already had to tighten up binder twice. Going to change these pads tonight, no way they I'll make it till tomorrow. Will update pics tomorrow too.

Morning after 7am

I think I'm though draining so took off my binder to wash all the drainage out. No real pain just slight uncomfortable but parts that were treated are still numb. I took updated pics but remember this is less than 24 hours after procedure so still marked up and swollen.

Today's update

Starting to bruise a bit, taking all my meds plus arnica gel and tablets to help. Having a massage at 9am so hope that will attribute to more positive results. Overall very happy with everything. Dr Perlman personally called me to see how I was healing but I was asleep. So far slight soreness but nothing unbearable, only taking ibuprofen. Wearing my compression shirt at times to sleep when my binder is to uncomfortable.

Healing up well and fast.

Updated pics, slight bruising coming in. I think the skin discoloration is either from bruises healing or Arnica gel. I put the gel where there was no bruise and it still got discolored. Lower abs rock hard but everything feels smooth. Last night I slept with no CG and was soooo nice. Dr Perlman did an amazing job and I highly recommend anyone contemplating smart lipo to go see him. It's worth the travel if needed to insure your money is well spent and the job is done right.

Bad lighting today

I think the Arnica gel discolored my bruises, not wearing my binder like I should but in compression shirt most of day. Sleep with no cg last few nights. Moving better but till sore and bruises appear to be going away. Tomorrow is first post op so I'll see what Dr Perlman has to say.

First post op visit

Went yesterday for my post op and he said everything was healing perfectly. The discoloration on my skin is just the bruises healing up. My incision sites are almost gone and I'm pretty moving back to normal. Still slightly numb and hard but seeing big improvements every morning when I wake up. Very very pleased with everything, Dr Perlman is truly a blessing to the PS community!!!

Bruises gone!!!

My bruises have healed but I'm still slightly numb and swollen. Two small soft lumps on my stomach but that's just part of the healing process. Started getting lymphatic massages twice a week and that really helps. I wore my binder on and off first 3-4 days then switched to compression shirt. Need to get my diet straight because I'm still pounding down soft drinks and not exactly eating healthy. My waist is 3.5 inches smaller and I'm 6-7 lbs lighter, I don't care about weight or measurements but those are two main questions I get asked. Feel free to ask me anything, still very happy with Dr Perlmans work and results are improving every few days.

Updated pics

Haven't been eating right at all, even worse diet than before procedure but I'm still getting smaller every day. Probably gonna schedule my chin smart lipo my next post op visit. Very pleased with Dr Perlman and his work he did. Has definitely improved my life in many ways. All my cloths fit way better and my general day to day life much easier. Even small things like bending over to tie my shoes is noticeably easier. My incisions are healed and you have to look very hard to find where he went in. He recommended neosporin for first week then mederma and they worked wonders on healing process.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Everything is healing up great, slight bruising but everything looks amazing and is healing up very well. Dr Perlman has personally been calling to check on my progress and answer any questions I have. Incision areas are almost invisible already in 7 short days since procedure. I can't wait to heal up and have smart lipo on a second area, zero pain during the procedure and was up and around in 3 days. Can't say enough good things about Dr Perlman and his staff, I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to have any kind of PS procedure performed. His skills are worth every dollar and more for the lifelong positive body image and confidence he will bring into your life!!!!

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