19 Years Old, No Kids, Female. - Spokane, WA

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I have always hated my tummy bulge. I've looked...

I have always hated my tummy bulge. I've looked into smart lipo but I'm young and want kids later in life so I decided against that until after I have kids if its an option then. I found this lipo laser on groupon hoping it would work. I did all my research on here and on the buisness but it hasn't seemed to work very well. She says I have lost 3-4 inches but before I started I measured myself and I have lost one inch which I believe is from me eating better and doing P90X after every session. So far I have had 5 sessions ($385 for 5 sessions) and I'm not pleased. I do not really think it's doing anything. I think price has a lot to do with it not just where you live. $2,000-$5,000 range probably good. $200-$800 don't do it please. With the machine she uses on me it is two little hand sized paddles and she puts them on my tummy I lay there 10 min then she moves them then I lay for another 10 minuets and so on. It looks nothing like the Dr. Oz one. I looked up the machine it self on Amazon, Ebay, and Google and it only goes for $2,000. I would pay that to get an at home lipo lazer machine! The thing is is I don't think it works. Yes it gave me motivation to eat right and workout but not worth the money. I wish I would have listened to others on here. Don't do it. Just push harder. I know I'm going to now.
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