I'm 51, and Getting Long Awaited Breast Lift with Augmentation! :) - Spokane, WA

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I am wanting perkier boobs like i used to when i...

I am wanting perkier boobs like i used to when i was younger. I am also adding some volume, as i breast fed both my children. I am super excited and am going with Dr Wheeler in Spokane WA.. I've done my research and am feeling very confident that I have chosen the right Dr. I was very impressed at my consultation!
Im so excited and can't wait!!! But of course also nervous!
I am hoping there are others out there that i can share my experience with! :)

6 more days!!

I'm getting excited that it's really going to happen!
I had a scare that there was something going on with my heart. I had an irregular Ekg, so i had to go and see a Cardiologist. It all wound up being ok thank God! :)
I am getting lift with 360 cc in one and 390 in the other.

Surgery for lift and augmentation July 30th. Just added my before pictures

Getting pretty nervous!!

Tomorrow I go in for markings and Thursday I get my new booby's!!!!!


Oh my gosh I can't believe tomorrow morning I have my surgery!!! I can't wait to see what they will look like!!! I will update soon! :)

I've got my boobies!!

Hi everyone I was just going to give an update and say that yesterday was my surgery day! It seemed to go very well. I got moderate plus and got 360cc and one is 390 cc. The soreness isn't as bad as I was expecting. Sub glandular so I think that's probably why, as I hear healing from under the muscle is a much more painful recovery. I was wondering why I was expecially sore under my right boob, so today when I went in for the day after check he showed me that there is a stitch there to help hold the implant in place while healing. There's a pretty good dent from it. Its attached to my rib I think, but he said within 6 months it would dissolve and the dent would go away. The incisions were much larger than I was expecting underneath my boobs but he said it's because of the size implants that I went with. But at least it's under my boob where you shouldn't be able to see it when everything drops into place. I hate taking pain pills so the first dose I took 3, each dose after that I've taken two and now I'm down to one and Tylenol. I'm feeling less woozy so that's a good thing! :)

More pics

One day Post op

Very tight feeling!

Yay, no more ace bandage!

I was able to take off the bulky ace bandage that i went home with and am now in a support bra. It was pretty hard putting that thing on, all by myself. I think i might still where the ace at night and bra in the day. The first day, i took 3 each of the pain meds, then each day went one less pill. Today, my 3rd day after surgery, i am off the pain meds all together!! Yay! Hate those things, they made me so sick! And the anti nausia pills gave me super bad cotton mouth. So now i take tylonol then 4 hours later ibuprofen... then tylonol, then ibuprofrn.. ect. So glad!!

Four days post op

I thought I would take a picture with the tank on with no wrap or bra. I'm loving them so far!!

Today...1 week exactly!

2 week post op with pictures

My appointment was for Monday the 17th of this month but I was concerned about a couple things so they got me in on Friday the 14th, instead. I've been having lots of pain below and around the sides of my boobs. He took off my sterile strips and assured me that everything was healing fine. And thank goodness, the elephant on the chest feeling isn't there anymore! :) I don't know if any of you had this problem but I was so constipated from the pain meds and I only took them for 3 days. I didn't go for 10 whole days!! I seem to have tried everything but nothing would work until I used 'magnesium citrate'. That stuff will definitely clean you out!!!
I'm pretty nervous about my incision marks and hope so much, that in time, they will heal up to look good. There are several spots where there is scarring, that is raised up quite a bit. Crossing my fingers that they will flatten and fade! I know I'm only two weeks out and need to be patient, but gosh, it's a little scary. Right out of the shower, I am putting Melaleuca oil on, then later Bio-oil. So between the two, I'm hoping it will help them heal up nicely! :)

5 weeks post op!

It's been a while since I updated last. I won't need to go back to see the surgeon now for two more months. He is very happy with the outcome so far and was showing my pictures and bragging to his staff! Lol Made me feel good! I haven't seen my fiance in about a month and a half because I had to fly back here for the surgery. But in 10 more days I will get to go back! I can't wait to see him and see what he thinks about my new boobies!!!! :)


My ps was originally going to put in 360 ccs in one, and 390 ccs the other. I never updated it and I know it's not much of a difference, but I actually got 397 in my left boob and 371 in my right boob.

Better idea of what they look like on my body.

This is a picture to show what my boobs look like on my body. Because I just realized all the pictures I've taken so far, shows just my boobs only.
Now if I can just firm up that mid-section!


I am past my 6 weeks, so figured it would be ok to lift my 3 yr. old grand daughter. Well, I did and it felt like I pulled something! That was yesterday and it is really hurting today too! I can't go see my PS because I am waiting at the airport to go be with my family in CA. as my Dad passed away yesterday. When I leave there, I am going to go to IL. To be with my fiance. So beings that my PA is in Washington..... I won't be able to see him. :/
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

During my consultation, He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He spent a considerable amount of time with me explaing things, and answering my questions. I also liked how many questions that he asked me, to get the same idea in his mind, that i have in mine, as to what i want exactly! The staff are wonderful as well! :)

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