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I watched on manswers that breast implants sink....

I watched on manswers that breast implants sink. Has any body noticed their implants making it difficult to swim? Or just hold them down a little?

I am 5'7", 135lbs and am a 34a pre-op. I am thinking I want saline implants because I like the safety factor of knowing when they're ruptured. I still have to set up consultations but I am currently unemployed and won't be able to afford one for a bit. If any ladys who have saltines and started with minimal breast tissue I would love to hear your feedback.

I came across the website and I...

I came across the website and I think it's pretty legit. Have any of you girls used this site for your payment. If so how was your experience?

Booked my date

Wow. Can't believe this is really gonna happen. Growing up I lived in a really small town and didn't have a lot of money so I always thought breast implants were only for people who had money. At 20 I finally started doing research and couldn't believe how much of a possibility this could be for me. I did have the money when I was 24 but kind of talked myself out of it. Telling myself it's unnecessary And I should love myself for what I am and also was scared shitless of surgery. I have never had even anything minor done. Well I blew the money and carried the regret for a year before I started to save. Its been a year I booked my dates. So I went bold and chose to go with Dr Tom Pousti without having gone on any consultations. I just have a feeling he's the one. I won't have surgery til August to give me time to save for the rest of the surgery and to mentally prepare. I'm just excited to share my story. I will keep checking in but don't have much yet as my date is still a ways away. For now here are some goal photos
Dr Tom Pousti

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