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Hi, I'm due to have my implants removed on the...

Hi, I'm due to have my implants removed on the 28th November. I'm from London, England but will be travelling to Cheshire for my operation, which will be performed by Mr George McDouglas, the former president of the BAAPS.

I'm 5ft 2inches and prior to getting my implants I was very athletic with small A cup size breasts. To be honest, I actually quite liked my petite figure prior to my breast augmentation but like most women on this site, I ended up getting breast implants for all the wrong reasons.

In my mid twenties I luckily made quite a savvy investment and subsequently came into a significant amount of money, at too young of an age. Prior to this investment, the size of my breasts had never really entered my mind but after acquiring this money and spending a lot of time around very wealthy, pretentious and fake people, I started to become aware of my petite breasts and one day jokingly asked my boyfriend of the time if he thought my boobs were too small and whether I should get a boob job. Unfortunately, to my surprise, he said yes, followed by 'of course you would look better with bigger boobs!' As if I had asked the most ridiculous question ever! Being young and naive, and too keen to impress, I thought 'what the hell, what's the worse that could happen' and within a couple of weeks stupidly got implants - Little did I know at the time I was making the biggest mistake of my life.

5 years later, slightly more mature and rid of my idiotic ex boyfriend, I now want my implants removed. Whilst physically my breasts still look good (to outsiders) and I do not have CC, I absolutely hate the way they feel and look and more importantly, I also suffer from intermittent nerve pain in and around my breasts and for the last year I have been suffering from un-diagnosed chronic fatigue and vomiting, which I am convinced is related to these toxic vile plastic lumps, although it has not been confirmed.

So after much research and many consultations, I now have a date booked for my operation on 28th November - and I can not wait to be natural, feel free and just be me again! X

I've done it!

Hi all, well after many weeks of waiting I've finally had my operation! I had the operation on Thursday and all went well. My boobs are so flat now though, it's actually quite comical and I can't help but laugh whenever I look at them but I'm completely ok with that - which has been the biggest surprise, I half expected to feel incredibly emotional and upset after, but I didn't, I just felt light and happy and knew I'd done the right thing! No regrets what so ever! I will post some pictures shortly xx

p.s I haven't been given a surgical or compression bra and have just got tape covering the incisions - what is everyone else wearing/doing immediately post op to help with healing and fluffing? Do you recommend getting a compression bra/strapping yourself up? Or should I leave it well alone? Any suggestions and recommendations greatly welcomed x

Photos immediately pre and post op

Day 4 and feeling good!

So it's been 4 days and I am feeling surprisingly good. Boobs are starting to look a little less sad and more normal and the pain has almost fully subsided - I only get small twinges now and again in the incisions. Actually, I'm feeling so much better I even managed to face a bit of clothes shopping in London, which felt great as I could try on clothes that I previously wouldn't have been able to fit in - amazing! X

1 week and 1 day post op

Hi all, so it's been just over a week since the op and healing/fluffing continues to improve daily. I've taken the surgical tape off as it was starting to irritate the skin but I've left the steri-strips in place as they're protecting the sutures - so I've not seen how the actual incisions look yet. There's a bit of bruising around the incisions but nothing that I would consider as abnormal at this stage.

One thing I would definitely recommend is getting a surgical bra. Immediately post op I was wearing just a standard sports bra which was ok but I found it a bit uncomfortable to sleep in so I bought a surgical bra online which has been great. It's a lot more comfortable and supportive than the sports bra and compression is spread more evenly across the chest preventing indentations.

I've posted some more photos for you to view. They're not great as I found it quite difficult to take decent photos of myself, but hopefully you can see the improvement.

Thanks for all your comments and support x

Some more 1 week 1 day post op photos

2.5 week update

Hi all,

Well just to update, I had my stitches out last Tuesday and finally got to see how the scars looked and how they were healing. And I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised at how clean and smooth the incisions were and how well they are healing. They did feel a little delicate and vulnerable initially after the stitches were removed (almost as if they could split if I over extended myself too suddenly) so I had to take it very easy for a couple of days but they feel fine now.

One thing I have noticed however since the stitches have come out, is whilst the incision for the left breast follows the crease of my breast perfectly and you can't see it at all when I'm standing (which far exceeds anything than I ever anticipated), the incision for right breast ever so slightly drops at the end nearest towards the sternum and you can just see it when I'm standing, which bummed me out at first, but on reflection now I just think I was being too picky as everything so far has gone amazingly smoothly and I am genuinely so happy with the final results - they are far better than I ever expected them to be. I'll upload some photos shortly which were taken on Friday (2weeks and 1 day post op).

For all those due to undergo, or are contemplating, explantation I hope my updates are helping you and will continue to post updates but perhaps less frequently now. For anyone that has undergone the operation congratulations and happy healing!

I will next post an update in 4 weeks x

Photos at 2 weeks 1 day -

Mr George McDouglas

So far, good.

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