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I'm getting a bbl with Dr. Ortega on August 4th. ...

I'm getting a bbl with Dr. Ortega on August 4th. I was going to do it in Chicago since I live close but Dr. David Shifrin MD quoted me at 10,500.00. He seems to be a really good doctor but that seemed extremely steep!! I was going to go to Dr. Memar for 7,000.00 but when I started researching him and realized he isn't board certified and is only a dermatologist I canceled my consultation immediately! I started researching Miami doctors and it seemed like Dr. Ortega does really good work so here I am!! My procedure is $5800.00 because I'm getting a BBL and under arm lipo!! I don't want a crazy big butt....just a butt:) I'm staying a Claudia's recovery house and the total including flight with be cheaper then the dermatologist in Chicago!!! I've been researching this like crazy and am pretty confident with my decision!! I will keep you posted on my progress!!

Sooo ready for this!!!

before pictures

One last with picture actually preformed by dr Rami Ghurani

Recovery house

Booked my recovery house at Miami escape (765.00 for 4 nights). It Lois amazing and I feel very good about my decision!!

another wish picture

It's go time????????????

2 days till I fly & 3 till surgery!!! Not nervous at all just super excited!!! I've done so much research I'm 100% positive this is for me!!!


Well I'm finished and all is good!! not to much pain but I have a high threshold for pain!!! Take masseuse said I was the only person that didn't cry today!!! My butt looks a little to big for my taste right now but it is extremely swollen & they said it should go down by about 30% which should be just right!!

Still super super swollen!!

Happy so far & can't wait for the final results!!!

Getting better every day

Swelling is going down every day!!! Tip for anyone doing this...go to the bathroom bakwards on the seat!!! Also buy some sort of firmer pillow (boppys aren't firm enough)'ll need the firm pillow for allied me to fly and drive home with no worries!!!

10 days and it keeps getting better

I'm amazed at the results!!! Best decision ever!!! Slight marks from the compression garment but I move the padding all the time so nothing will be permanent!!

Waist training for compression

3 weeks and 4 days!!!

I love wearing tight clothing now!! I went back to the gym 4 days ago but just do light three days I will start lifting again! I also started sitting without my bbl bum booster pillow a little last week but I try to keep it to a minimum! I still wear my compression garment as much as possible!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I just switched to Dr. rami ghurani....OMG I'm so happy!!! Love all his work!!! I think I sent them a bad picture because he said he has to check to see if my sagging stomach skin is dead...I don't think it sags just a bad angle...fingers crossed he can do everything he needs to in order to get great results because there is no way I'm getting a TT!!!!

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