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Hi RealSelfers! I am 56 years old other of two...

Hi RealSelfers! I am 56 years old other of two grown men and two grandkids and s much needed bbl. I am s tall gal -5"11 and 215 lbs. I will returning to the gym to tone up some areas of my body before the surgery because I don't want nothing sagging after the surgery. Tummy tuck is something I would never consider to have. I had a C/section with my last child 32 years and I still remember how painful the surgery was!!!! I am from New York and will be traveling to Miami on 9/19/16 for my bbl surgery with Dr. Ortega. I had this procedure done in 2007 with a supposedly "highly skilled" surgeon on Park Ave. for $10k!!! This doctor showed by my no so good results that he didn't know what he was doing. I felt that I was one of experiments. I have been following some ladies journeys through Real Self and I can honestly say that this doctor took my money for a poorly done job. I'm very thankful to Real Self for educating me regarding this procedure. I have learned so much that if I had this info when I had the 1st bbl in 2007, I would have a chosen an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Ortega. I pray that my surgery goes according to God's will. I'm sure He will be with me from the beginning to the end if my surgery journey. Btw, I'll be staying at Miami Escape for 12 days before my return to NY. I'll keep you all informed as I get more info regarding my conversations with Liz my coordinator, the RH and Dr. Ortega. Until then, God bless you all and have a blessed and wonderful Morher's Day to all the Real Self moms.
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