[Alvarez Doll!] Killer Curvature W/ Perfect Projection - Miami Beach, FL

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I sought after the BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift,...

I sought after the BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, because I had curves, but no hips. In addition to that, I had a stubborn layer of fat on my stomach that allowed it to become flat, but not to show abs. The Pros are that, if you have your stuff together (i.e. calling in to make sure that have lab work, finances, making sure you have an appointment &place to recover, and not leaving that has to do with YOUR surgery up to someone else) you will be fine! The check-in process is smooth, and the doctors are efficient and professional. The Cons are that the staff- as awesome as they are- show a little wear and tear at times, understandably, more than likely b/c of the to volume and varying demographics/ attitudes of the people coming in for consultation and/or surgery. They can be a little short at times, and if you are already scared and nervous about your procedure, this might discourage you, or even upset/insult you a little. You could also feel the "just another number" vibe, as their initial treatment isn't horrible, but it isn't personable either. Maybe they have had their share of more than a few bad apples? However, as I previously stated, one doesn't know their self-absorbed & haughty to nice patient ratio. So, in my case, I chose to ignore the first impression I got and judged their care AFTER the surgery (which is when I am officially a patient in my mind). THEN, they were EXTREMELY helpful and caring! They know you are in pain, but they know the best way to recovery is not to baby you either, a point of which I fully concur. I was super impressed with post-op professionalism of the staff. They also called me to make sure I was okay, and made sure that I was coming to my follow-up. They didn't just "forget" who I was after the procedure. I was even more impressed by that! By the way, the facility is clean and the waiting time is not that bad. I kept reading about a bad reputation for rescheduling as well, but I didn't really experience that either. The saying goes that negative things are always remembered more than positive ones, and many of reviews on Spectrum Aesthetics fall in this category. Hence, I am spending my time as a 3 day post op patient writing a REAL AND SUPER POSITIVE review! :)

Picz of Post Op After Shower (Still A Little Sudsy Sorry lol)

This is the immediate result of my BBL 3days post op. I didn't have much fat to begin with, so I am amazed with the initial result. I know that I am going to lose up to a third of this and that is why I do not see the point in posting immediate post op pics because usually what you see is swelling. Buuuut I remember how I was before I got surgery- all anxious and curious. So here ya go. Btw, I'll be taking it down after awhile lol

It Is What It Is, Dolls :)

Hey Dolls! Because of the new messages and everything I've been receiving ( waaay more than I expected in only a couple of hours), I like to set a couple of things straight.

1. I didn't intend on posting pictures, period. I just wanted this man, this great Dr., to get the credit he deserved along with the privacy of knowing I, MYSELF, was happy with the results.

2. I am not fake; I'm private to a certain degree. When I didn't have pictures of my results, people questioned my legitimacy. When I posted the results, people questioned how I looked before hand. Look, I wrote my review to calm the nerves of those who are still looking to make a decision- like I was a few days ago- not all of this. So if it continues, I'll definitely be deleting this account on my own accord. I see why people don't even bother now, lol.

3. I'm happy with my results, and while some people my have the same/diff doc, they get varied results. That's life, genetics, etc. If you even attempt to pick me apart because of your shortcomings, I'll be reporting you. Period.

Now, with that said, let's act like the ladies that we are. Not like the asses we aspire to have, hmm?

6 Week Review

Hi everyone, this is my six week review. Everything is healing nice and my behind/hips are still voluptuous. Take a look! Also, if you have any questions post them below and I will try to answer to them as honestly as I can and to the best of my ability.
Doral Plastic Surgeon

So after researching the credentials of at least 100 websites and credentials of facilities, I settled on Spectrum Aesthetics as they had a special that was just right- not so expensive that I am worried about why everyone else's is less than mine, and not so cheap that I'd be worried about the outcome and a little suspicious. So, once I found out the price, I was informed that only a specific doctor, Dr. Sergio Alvarez, did it for that price as a special. I, being as worry-prone as I am, was a little nervous as I assumed that he did a cheaper price than the others because he was new to the Plastic Surgery scene. I can happily say I was WRONG! After researching his name, I saw a couple of pictures on realself of his work, but I couldn't be sure they were real because of the small and sometimes incoherent review paragraphs. Other times there wouldn't be pictures at all, but I understand not wanting to bare it all for the internet. (Now I realize that these were patients who didn't fully understand the concept of writing review! You're suppose to help people make decision, not confuse em' more ha!) Then on his facebook account and IG, I only saw mostly pictures of him and celebrities and not of his work. I thought, "Great he has positive social rapport, which means he probably does a good job since celebrities would not allow themselves to be seen with a guy that did horrible ones. Buuuuut the only thing this convinces me of is that this guy takes awesome pictures." So, I continued on my search for his work and I found his website. I also found and cross referenced his credentials. Everything was genuine, in place, and believable. A guy with his rap sheet could definitely charge what he wanted so I started to get super happy at the price I locked in my procedure for. (NOTE: Some weeks after I made my deposit for my procedure, the special did, indeed, expire. I was sooo lucky!) Now, after check in and going through preliminary screening, finances, etc., I met DR. ALVAREZ. My initial encounter with the medical assistant wasn't the best because I was sort of scared and agitated by the short and cold treatment. Dr. Alverez caught me as I bolted from the consultation room to grab my boyfriend to separate me from the thick tension in the air. (SN: The med-techs are all awesome in the end! I was just being a liiiiiiil sensitive because I wasn't from Miami, this was my first procedure, and my TN "southern hospitality" probably came off as annoying or dimwitted *shrugs*......oh and I may have ruined my initial impression by trying to impress her and show her I was familiar with things because I was a nursing student... probably came off as a "donkey"......but all was well in the end! :) ] So, back to the story, Dr. Alvarez asked me how everything was going. I said fine, even though he could tell I wasn't. So he invited my boyfriend and I back to the consultation room and was very personable. He asked me how I wanted my results, I showed him my wish pictures, and he said he would do what he could. I was kind of bummed (no pun intended) because I knew I was in the smaller weight category being 5'9 and 176 pounds, but I simply said, "Do with it what you can." I spoke with the anesthetist, and he was awesome as well! After I was marked up, I was taken in a room, and I was hooked up to and EKG, IV Drip, etc. The anesthetist as well as Dr. Alvarez held a light and funny conversation with me.....AND THEN I WOKE UP. If there was pain on a scale past 10, I don't think even THAT would describe the pain of my first 24 hours, post-op. But, Dr. Alvarez wrote my prescriptions ahead of time and they helped immensely. The second day post- op, I received my first lymphatic message and well, the only thing I could think was MY CURVES ARE KILLER AND MY PROJECTION IS TO DIE FOR!!!! Even when I went for my appointment with him the following day, I told him that I was extremely impressed with how wide my hips were, how tight and flat my tummy was, and how round my posterior was. The appointment began and ended with me complimenting his work. In addition, his surgical expertise has to be of legends because I VIRTUALLY HAVE NO SCARRING. Swelling, yes...Tenderness...expected...but not much fluid..... I think I only have one bruise though, and you can't even tell where my incisions are. However, this may depend on your skin elasticity. What I do know, is that DR. ALVAREZ DELIVERS THE GOODS! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. This review is entirely too long and coherent to be fake so, there you have it! GREAT DOCTOR. GREAT PRICE. GREAT RESULTS.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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