Cancel my Bbl with Dr Llorente and Going with Dr Ortega! Miami, FL

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Hello so I'm new to this blog! So far I like that...

Hello so I'm new to this blog! So far I like that I'm getting support from other bbl dolls to calm down my anxiety. I feel nervous and excited. So I originally was scheduled with Dr Llorente at Spectrum. After I found out Dr Llorente has a criminal past I was so skeptical about getting my procedure with him. Also I asked the consultant that had been helping me out to send me pictures of his work. She kept saying she will email them and I never got anything. I checked on Instagram and there's nothing with Dr Llorente work. So another red flag for me. I asked spectrum to please upload Dr Llorente work and they also said yeah they were going to on snap chat. So I made an account on Snap Chat and I haven't seen anything. ???? understand he has a criminal past and maybe that shouldn't define him as a Cosmetic Doctor. But the consultants as Spectrum don't show any of his work and how I'm I suppose to go with A Doctor that I haven't seen any of his work ?? I cancel my Flight to Miami for Dec 5 th and now I'm going with Dr Ortega Dec 3th. Pray for me ladies. ???????????????? hope all goes well. Do your homework with what Doctor you choose. We can't put our lives at Risk. I'm glad I did my research on this doctor. I feel better about Dr Ortega. I'm going to book my flight today. Blessings ????

Sorry last post I miss spelled. My phone sux:(

Sorry I miss spelled on my last post. My phone was acting up. I've dropped it so many times.

Spectrum Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery is Getting on my Last Nerve !

So I originally had a BBL Scheduled for 12/5 with Dr Llorente but after not seeing much of his cosmetic surgery work I changed my mind. And because of other bad comments I saw about Dr Llorente. So Liz my consultant changed my surgery Date to 12/3 with Dr Ortega. Keep in my mind I already gave Spectrum 300 for my deposit that is going towards my surgery. Anyway I thought this process was going to be easy. I'm married with 3 kids and I can't just leave with out no sitter. So that has been very stressful for me. So I called Liz and explained to her the situation I'm in. That my mother in law will be able to babysit until January. Well Liz didn't care about my situation at all. She has no regards for my problems. So she said she won't be able to refund me back the money. And if I want to scheduled Liz Said I will have to pay another 300 for administration fee that is not going towards my balance. This just for changing the surgery date. Have any of you been through this before.????? I'm so upset. Today I called her and she told me unless I give her a big deposit she won't be able to reschedule me. Smh!!! Now I see why everyone is saying this people at Spectrum are bunch of thieves. Once they get any money from you they don't want nothing to do with you. Plz becareful whenever you give them any money. Now they want me to pay full balance before rescheduling me.


So I'm scheduled finally for a bbl on Sept 19th

Bbl Coming Up on Sep 19th with Dr Mel Ortega!!

So after so long I finally going to get a bbl by Dr Mel Ortega. I'm so excited !!! I'm booking my flight tonight. I had to get this done last year but so many things came up that I couldn't fly at the time. I was moving out to another place and just so much problems that came up. Please pray for me ladies???????? I feel very nervous. Also if anyone can give me a list on what to pack ? That would help me so much.

BBl Surgery on 09/20/2016 With Dr Ortega

So I finally was able to get my bbl done with Dr Mel Ortega at Spectrum and I'm in love with my results. I'm very happy I took a decision and not go with Llorente and Gi with Dr Ortega. Honestly I planned everything in 2 weeks. Week actually since last year but just things kept coming up and if it wasn't one thing it was another. So this time I just said I'm gonna go ahead and get it over it with. I rescheduled my appointment and Liz was able to book me right away. I got my jabs and everything done too. I booked my flights as soon as i rescheduled my surgery. I took my Hubby and kids. My hubby didn't want to let me go by myself. I didn't want to leave my kiddos. I have a 4 years old and a 1 year old so is very difficult to trust someone with my kiddos. I also have a 14 years old but he couldn't miss school so he was fine with just staying home. So it was a little but of a challenge but not impossible since I have such a supportive hubby. I give my hubby so much credit. Idk how he could take care of our kids and me at the same time. So anyway the day of my surgery went well. I was schedule at 3:30 pm but I hit a call and they changed my appointment to 5:30 Am. I couldn't sleep from just thinking so much about the surgery. I was nervous and had a little anxiety. Oh btw we booked our Hotel with our flights. We stayed at The Courtyard Marriot Airport. And I'll talk about my experience with this hotel in a bit. So going back to the day of my surgery. We got an Uber and got to spectrum I signed the paperwork. Take care of the financial documents. My nurse Evelyn was so nice. I changed into my surgery gear and just waited a few hours before the surgery. I was getting very cold so the nurse gave me a warm blanket. I was asked medical questions. Dr Ortega Came Inside the room and asked me questions too. Took pre op pictures and he was just very nice to me. He asked me what are my goals with my surgery. He honestly took an hour with me. He drew the ares where he liposuction. Was very honest with me. I have mild scoliosis and he was able to see that in my spine. I feel he helped me look so much better. He left my back so beautiful. The anesthesiologist came inside and talked to me for a little bit. He was so sweet and caring. He started my IV and I got some fluids. So after all this I think i got in the Surgery room till 11 am. I was so cold and I was shaking. My anxiety levels were to the roof lol but with in seconds I was gone?? My anesthesiologist took very really good care of me. So here comes the hard part dolls???? When I woke up from surgery I was in the worse pain ever. I remember Dr Ortega said hey everything came out good. But like I said I barely remember lol Good thing they already had put on my faja. I was very nauseous. I was given pain medication and Nausea medication. I was shaking so much after the surgery. Maybe it was a reaction from the anesthesia. I was like that for an hour. But the nurses were so nice and caring. The nurse put a heater next to me. So over all I was in the Post Op room for 2 hours or so. The nurse got me up and took me in the wheelchair to the Uber. This part was so hard!!! I felt a like a knife stabbing me everywhere. That's just the best on how I can describe it. Good thing my hubby had already filled in my prescription orders. So yeah the Percocet helped a lot. The first day was just Hell???????? I was starting to have a lot of blood draining out. Not like red blood it was more like pinkish waterish. Also remember getting my face and arms numb and a tingling feeling. I was getting worried. But my hubby called Spectrum and the nurse said it's normal feeling after the anesthesia wears down. Not to mention I was on my period???????? Second day still a lot of pain but more tolerable. And all the nasty symptoms went away. Like the nausea. I was able to eat good. My hubby order me a chicken soup from Latin Cafe. It was the best chicken soup I have ever had in my life???? Anyway day 3 the housekeepers gave me so much attitude because I bled on the sheets. I tip them 50 bucks each and they still went and told the Hotel Manager at the Marriot that I bled everywhere. His name is Darwin btw???? So he went ahead and charge my account 60 bucks for hotel damages !!! Ridiculous!! I told him that was wrong. That's why is a Hotel and I tip
The lousy housekeepers!!! Anyway I decided to leave and stay at another hotel nearby. Over all I'm very happy with my results. You can follow me @Ortega_doll so you can see my pictures on Instagram.
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I can't wait to become an Ortega doll

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