My Breast Implants 1 Month Postop Are Exactly the Size I Want and I Fear They Might Decrease Noticeably over Time

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First of all: i'm european and not a born english...

First of all: i'm european and not a born english speaker so please excuse me if my english is not accurate.I had cohesive silicone gel anatomic implants placed under the muscle a month ago now. I guess for american standards my implanst are small since they are 260cc and i was totally flat before surgery but i don't like large breasts and i'm quite slim so i told to my surgeon that i was more worried about symetry than i was about size.

Now i see myself and it looks so great i don't want them to 'decrease. They are not too high already (maybe a bit). And almost symetric (i already had a slight simetry before and didn't want him to touch mamary tissue so i'm fine with it).

Pros: -I now have breasts!!! -They look awesome on me!

Cons: -It was really painful. -I have fears about final size being smaller than i wish. I'm very happy with how my breast look at this point (1 month after surgery). There is a slight asimetry in the placing of the nipples but i believe it will come around in time. i'm scared about the droping: about

I'm aware they will decrease but what i don't know...

I'm aware they will decrease but what i don't know is exactly how much dicreasing i should expect, let's say in percentage: if my size is now the equivalent of 100%: will i remain 90%? ¿95%? over the next 5 months?More dicreasing than that would be a great dissapointment but i need to know so i cant make up my mind. -- Updated on Jan 11, 2010: I forgot to mention that i have high-profiled and textured Mentor implants. I'm 5'5'' and weight 126lbs.
Dr.Francisco José Herreros

He tells the truth about pain and the seriousness of a procedure. He is not only a plastic surgeon but also has a PhD in this matter.

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