I want great hips,and it looks like I got them !!! - Spain

I have been doing endless research into this...

I have been doing endless research into this procedure and the more you read the more confused you are. I am obsessed with a nice round projecting booty. Following my first contact with the PC she should my pics to the doc and they assured me that I am a good candidate for BBL !
I decided to have my surgery in spain, just feels right and the results I have seen are awesome. Still lost with planning, they offer different hospitals so don't know what to choose !

Online consultation

Had my online consultation and i have to say I was very impressed.
I was quite nervous before because I read some posts saying he comes across a bit intimidating but I found him to be very nice. Nice or not,that is not the point, he definitely knows his stuff and I am really assured about most things.


The most important thing for me is to get as much of an hourglass shape as possible.I will ask him to put a minimum of 400cc to my hips + 1000 cc to the butt..... if possible. would like to hear from users with similar amounts

cold feet.....

Next Wednesday is my day to say I am in panic is taking it as its best !I am afraid I might be getting cold feet please any aslani dolls come forward if they can share something useful ?? Just scared I have not researched enough

No way back now

So I am in malaga now in my luggage many thoughts, doubts and fears but it is lovely here like summer very warm and beautiful place just wish I could get these demons out of my head will see the doctor tomorrow hope that will make things easier !

Last minute panic !

Should I really do this ?????

Just to let you guys know

I completed my journey to the other side so far not HALF as bad as dreaded but of course not totally fit yet just wanted to drop a line, I will post surgery details and pics later !

First pics

I did deliberately wait some time before posting because I wanted to give myself a few days of recovery.I am pleased with look and volume as per now, of course i do not know if it is gonna change much more. There was a very noticable reduction in voume in the first tendays I think that was swelling. it does not change so much any more I just hope it stays like that

garment troubles ?

I am not sure if my swelling takes longer to go down or what the colombia faja is really unbearable it is so tight I am still changing every day for my first garment hope that does no damage ?


It has been 2 months on the other side. I am happy with my results. Of course I lost some volume but I am very happy with what I kept. I started sitting 4 weeks after as I was told and it is still tender to sit on it. Oh yes and not to forget my man loves it !
Dr.Alexander Aslani

Dr.Aslani seems a nice guy and his surgeries look great !

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