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Hello to all girls! I have 26 years and I'm from...

Hello to all girls! I have 26 years and I'm from Spain. Before you say that this is a challenge for me. I do not speak English so everything I write, and all the stories I read I have to be with the google translator ....: S: S Apologize for if there are things you do not understand or seem mindless but 100% reliable translator. Since I can have some misunderstood expression to translate. Good going there! ....

In Spain the brazilian butt lift is almost nonexistent (most fashionable implants, which are horriles btw). I've been dreaming to improve my physical appearance buttocks area above the hips and stomach for years, many years and vei as impossible because as I said in Spain 0.
I discovered this place like 7 or 8 months ago through a comment on Dr. Azurin (it was a typical forum without pictures much more data than a paragraph) Enter the official website of DA and did not believe what vei: some ass impressive, few changes before and after that neither imagined.
Ok! From that I found this product and I could not help wOOOW enter or for a day (my boyfriend tells me you're already stuck there, these obsessed, my father tells me, and you're there again, those sick in the head ... ) lol and I knew I was obsessed if you get those asses looked amazing.. Vale mi doctor preferido era Azurin hasta que un dia me empece a fijar en los maravillosos culos de Salama. Ese hombre hace milagros. Me puse en contacto con Cynthia ( una chica estupenda y muy rapida en los correos)

SALAMA INFORMACION: primer correo que recibo:

Good afternoon. I hope this email finds you well and thank you for inquiring about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. As you are well aware, Dr. Salama is highly sought out for this procedure. Below you will find all the information regarding the package and procedure.

In regards to your inquiry the pricing of the surgery is $8,999. That price is all-inclusive for the surgery. Payment for the surgery does not need to be paid in full upfront, rather a 10% deposit to hold your surgery slot. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can schedule up to one year from now for your surgery. Just please let me know dates when possible.

The liposuction areas that are included in the Brazilian Butt Lift are: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package:

· Surgical fee

· Anesthesia Fee

· Facility Fee

· 2 Custom Compression garment

· 2 Post-operative massages

If you would like to add additional areas of liposuction, we can certainly discuss that once Dr. Salama has reviewed your pictures and made an assessment. Each additional area of liposuction will be $500, as that is the discounted rate. The additional areas that can be added depending on available fat are: inner & outer thighs, arms, and submental.

Please make sure when preparing for your travel arrangements to bring with you a family member for post operative care at your hotel. If no one is available to travel with you, we have caretaker service that can stay with you around the clock. We require that you have a caretaker for a minimum of 72 hours after surgery to monitor and make sure you are recovering well.

Below you will see a list of several hotels in the area that we have worked with in the past and are close to our office. They are all on different budget levels, so that is based on your preference.

I spent about two months talking to Cynthia for all the typical questions we do and so normal.
  My situation: Surgery: $ 8,999, Flight: approx. $ 2200 (me and my partner) over 10 days hotel food transportation etc ... IMPOSIOL.
I found Salama above criticism on here.

Well I was considering a while, I thought, I can get the money but much longer (I'd rather have the money and pay interest to finance .. can you lose your job ... I have everything and safer pay and remove above problem ...) Also ask for a breast augmentation with BBL and Salama did not.

Salzhuaer Information: (I saw a case and left a incredible ass, as I said the post "MASTER BBL" and encourage me.

Miss Arianny gave me a budget and BA BBL: $ 11,636
That was too much for my economy (I just finished college and I have a job as a waitress that served me to pay for the studies and little more .. and not give a BBL in Miami with Dr. S! No no no ...

Then I returned to mind and send photos Azurin also:

$ 9,000 for BBL and BA with silicone (as you know Azurin does lipo abdomen) so here between that all this had to add air ticket food stay blah blah blah all that we know ... as well forget it.

So I started to fix that had increased the stories of the girls that were with yily. At first I was very suspicious, here in Spain there are many girls who go to sudameria to be operated by the prices but I was really scared and did not know any right to ask who will operate there? is it safe? bla bla her crazy lol ...
But investigating yily follow and encourage me to send mail. The way to answer did not taste much since it seemed (not how to express it and caught the translator: S: S) It seemed he had written the message without regard to what I really had written. It reminded me of a bad joke as saying: wife to husband: here fucks 22:00're're your or your .... not reminded me of that.
As many of you who talked to her Habran know what they say about 80 emails a day respond so here tardera to answer if you ask me all together better but muerete of disgust and boredom waiting ... Well that finally made ??it up but I came to say the same yily ...

Then I asked him questions about making breasts ass and if I could risk juantas bla bla ... and his response was this: IF YOU CAN, $ 4200: o: o: o

AND NOTHING MORE! it did not taste anything. And to top it off I started to fix it in some cases where they looked flat asses after the BBL and were greatly exaggerated in terms of proportion ... DISCARDED!

Same happened to step yily Duran! It was the doctor who saw more new stories .... and YES! she does a fantastic job. eontre your facebook your instagram and twitter. It has some fantastic photos (and I'll post photos of the work itself desire Duran)

Send email and gave me to share with Domain Transfer fat liposuction and breast augmentation with silicone dollares 5300 (4000 euros)

I love his work, but I also see a bit exaggerated cases. I asked and he said I will inject the amount you ask me as long as your fat and your tissue (elasticity) leave me, do not worry.
I also said that was to quit at least 2 months before (do not know how I quit smoking will do that but one more kill around me lol)
I asked about the type of silicone and MENTOR are used here more so I asked that. She told me that she used other haia fondly by the projection that gave but if wanted mentor sent me the request.

The only thing that left me worried was that I asked if after you remove fat if centrifuged (I'm no expert or anything but I had understood that is what is done with the fat to be optimal for injection in the ass and survive ) and told me that she did not let her stand centrifugaa then separates cells. And that left me a little worried. If you know anything about it let me issue and I appreciate quieter!

The surgery in the Dominican Republic if you allow me I can (I have to be a few months but I think keeping money in less than a year I can get, because my boyfriend will also help besides going economicamnete as on this trip) is an amazing man.

BAEZ also send mail to. she is very nice and responded quickly. Incidentally last two hours late in answering my budget after seeing my photos: O: O. ..
Baez gave me 2600 dollars has only BBL said if I wanted great results from BBL BA should not fulfill myself. But I need those two operations and if evil swallow step only once operating room much better. Here also I found many tricks to avoid damage and putting pressure on the ass. Nor baez has many cases here: (: (

And to my surprise that here in SPAIN there a doctor named Aslani doing BBL. The cases I have seen here on are not really what I want but they are good. So I would save flights and accommodation, but also performs both procedures at the same time. Its base price is 7500dollares BBL. That removing flight and accommodation is reasonable. But I also want my breasts operated and those operating in Spain is the least you could pay 6600 dollars. Dollares 14,000 in total. A lot less than if I travel to dominica republic.

Duran (DR):

operation 5300
Angi RH for me and my boyfriend: 12 days 1200dollares
plane tickets: 1800 dollares
  dollares total of approximately 8,300 (plus the cost of massages, medicamnetos, etc ...)


I'm sure I'll get my desired results and procedimeintos'll have the two together.

CONS: travel so far to an unknown country. (And me in particular scares me to travel to South America, do not want anyone to be offended, you may be afraid by desconomiento and speak from ignorance)


operation: 7500 dollares
and sashes, medicine, massage etc. ..
approximately 8200 dollares


Do I have to travel and I'll be in my own country with family and friends nearby.


NO breast augmentation (I'll have to wait years to have the money for that operation: S)

And the results are not exactly what I want. I think you can not give me what I know quiero.Pero as I have often not as sure of that ...

that would make you?? I made ??a mess ...

Now I have a struggle within me:

Dilemmas with Duran

My thoughts Duran:

Yesterday I read a new story of a girl who had operated yily and now wanted a second round. I was saying that his first choice was Duran as their work was fantastic (all know) but because of its growing popularity had become an adventure achieve talk to her. That was the same thing had happened to yily: towards large jobs, he responded quickly and was attentive to his girls. But it became famous and his work increase (I think she just operate more than 5 girls in one day) and had begun the Christic bad, bad jobs, girls who complain that perform liposuction on arms forgetting (for example), do not post-op is concerned and even malpractice ....)

What if the same thing is happening with Duran?

The BBL process has an average duration of three hours (I think this is a question that I've done in all my visits to doctors and stories I've read here)

When I asked how many procedures performed during a day told me 4 or maybe less ... (that does not reassure me much) 4 procedures x 3 hours = 12 hours

** 3 hours BBL assumption alone, I think if done BBL + BA should be longer. not another hour maybe ... do not know.

I also think that between operation and operation rest ...

Things like this are what make me doubt and in my head will not stop doubt with this: If in a few months Duran happens to become in some way yily and Baez is the next hard ... (Not sure if I understand this phrase ...

I've also been reading about diseases that can spread in eating only RD or the bite of a mosquito: S: S: S I'll have to get vaccinated before going?? No vaccines will presume any problems with my recovery or the operation (but I think is stupid) if so dicifil contact Duran to tell me important things about the operation, I guess to answer stupid asking about vaccines will be more difficult because ...

Another thing that stops me is the experience of girls that have occurred in the CIPLA and describe it as a messy room and stinky and I think I'm gonna get fuck there??!!

If one has already been operated or knows about design of CIPLA I can leave calmer appreciate ...

Then I think: maybe I should just run my ass to not go in a hurry to operate all or does not focus on my booty (which is why I'm going with it, I can operate here breasts later, which honestly are much more beautiful but would have to pay 5,000 to 6,000 euros (dollares 6600-7900), but like many girls want to do it all at once and cheaper.

It would be great for her to respond quickly and give you confidence that you have in mind and it was not one in a thousand (a little out of control). The first time I answered quickly (I thought it had been only had control at the right time) but now I have a week to get an answer.
I also think if there are several brands of silicone prostheses and choose sgeun that its value is higher or lower (as Baez explain me, how is it possible to give me a share "closed" without knowing the brand the size ... etc ...
Cre that this is something very important that is delicate and need good communication and specification of the details, I will not get into a operating theater to thousands of kilometers (miles jajaaja) in a developing country within which I live and I can not go to blind only for a great ass!

Aslani Dilemma ...

A part of all that I have said ...

I have read reviews where the girls complain that he has said he would have injected 1100 cc and are unhappy because it looks (by volume is not) to other cases where the girls have the same cast.
He also boasts of his method (far better, according to him) for liposuction "BODY JET" which is less invasive and atraumatic ... but when I see pictures on their website of the BBL to see made ??in the body as if it hubiran received liposuction, I roll as fat (or loose skin, not) and stomachs are not "flat". I wonder if they are well or the passage of the months are great ...

angie sent me email with rates and services ..

This is the email I received from Angie:

Thank you very much for contacting me .... here I send you photos.
I'm hubicada 10 minutes from Cipla. The price of the stay for two people is $ 65 per day, each. Usually for an individual is $ 85, but I'm giving a special for two people or more.

This includes:

care 24 hours
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Wifi internet
air conditioning
Included long distance calls
hot water
permanent light
large balcony
Help with all you need as you recover as washing girdle, helps bathe, help getting in and out. Clean and unblock drainage. You fill your prescriptions and ask your medicines.

All transportation to appointments pre and post surgical.

Transportation from and to the airport is $ 40 one way and $ 40 return. Per trip, not per person!

Massage comes home for $ 25 each lymphatic massage.

This is in a 7th floor and has a panoramic view of the whole city!

Reservations are confirmed with a deposit of $ 100 per person. This deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation but will be transferred in case you change your arrival date, provided aya availability.

If you have any other questions, please communicate it!
Thank you, I hope your answer! I assure you that we will feel at home!

Will send message to Yasmin for FB and I hope your answer..

**angie also ask if the bathroom was private and if I had photo (that's very important to me) ... waiting for your reply


If you have more information on these recovery houses or know or have read about girls who have been there, would help me a lot!

2 photos of angie forget house

Aslani My appointment today! Nervioooos

Hi girls! I'm a little nervous, now I have my appointment with Aslani (I'm shy and I do not feel uncomfortable). I hope I do not forget important things and ask my interest: (: (GIRLS help, asks photos aslani desire? Interviews As is (the girls who have had their appointment by skype). I can sound really stupid but I'm nervous and do not want to be anything without asking. thousand thanks if you can help. many besoooos!

Girls who know: that has Aslani payment options?

I would like to know how to make the payment ...

It is a charming man!!

Today I had the query. First, Aslani is very charming, can not stop talking throughout an hour, I gave a lot of information and was very interested in me to ask all my questions.
He told me I had a perfect body for surgery (I guess it's something that tells all ... hahaha) I said I wanted to 1100-1200 cc, I said it would be possible of 1000-1200 cc, which to some had had the case with another girl who looked a lot like my (waist and buttocks) but I just wanted 800 cc and I fit very well with a small waist (which we all want) and soon would put this case on the page.
He was very clear, his words: "This is not a supermarket you come and pick the ass you want to take" that's not going to pull out and get fat and put it like crazy on my buttocks, that other doctors do (think he meant to type republic dominica) at 3 months that were losing volume and therefore most required a second round. He assured me that with his technique and if I took care of my grafts NOT LOSE FAT, that his technique gives very good results. That's years using that technique has not had a case of a girl who has done the review with volume loss (I do not mean the first day that the ass is swollen from the operation and then the swelling disappears .. .). He said if I get fat get lots of it (exorbitant amount) your glutes stay rock hard, there know that you will lose fat, that's a bad job. And I thought, well, that's how they feel most of the girls I read here after the operation (with other doctors ...) be true??

My lipo areas are: the entire abdomen, back, flanks and saddlebags.
Upon recovery movement told me was very important, that is not "doing nothing" other than a whale barada (hahaha). Only it was important not to sit at least 2 weeks and although he will give me special pillow does not mean I can sit all the time, just for the return flight (now living in the Canary Islands, 2 hour flight) and always a few minutes.
He told me that my operation may last three hours. I also said that he would give me a centar hourglass shape I could get.

I will definitely with him. I am waiting for them to send me the cost report. I want to get the money without asking for credit or finance and my best friend lives in malaga with what I save on hotel and flight can cost me 70 to 100 euros. And above all, I feel a lot safer operandome in Spain than in the Dominican Republic in the event I need a review, any improvement or want a second round (by greed or what might happen) I have so much closer.

Finally, just ask the girls that are going to operate with Aslani update their photos and profiles, they know how important it is for the girls see their BEFORE and AFTER photos (from the first day until the last weeks, all jajajaaj) if it's not shy or scared to put your photos, but you only see his ass is enough (lol)

I can not wait to have time!

Profile false??

Today it was discovered that a profile (sexiestbootyever) has hung a picture that supposedly results, but thank god the real girl (Lady_A) photo has discovered. After several girls reach out comments of RealSelf, sexiestbootyever has deleted the photo, but I had already downloaded the two photos. You judge it: apart from the color, they differ?

Also lady has many more photos in the same clothes that the other

resultados aslani segun perfiles...

And now, as to insure that no more fake profiles??? There's something about these pictures do not convince me ...
* Were updated only 1 time
* And have a common look, no?
* Some not upload their photos before ..

I may be a little crazy, but sure when I get my profile bbl photos will fill this post ..

Yo lo siento si no me expreso bien, yo uso traductor y a veces hay mal entendidos..

It's only doubts

Another fake profile of the samedoctor????! SHIT


Real Profile


They are the same pictures or am I looking bad??

They think we're stupid? They take pictures of other girls operated with other doctors change the color, saturation .. and think we do not notice?

anyone see what I see??

I have pointed out on his left buttock: signs of being manipulated (looks up a "spike" in your skin ...)
and in his right buttock: you appreciate an elongated hole that looks like a lot??

Cellulite is the same?
If this latter is true, then no more than 2 fake profiles

Looking the way =)

Hi girls! After the fraud Aslani I'm trying to organize my trip to the DR to go with Duran on March or April. But it is impossible to contact Duran ... so I'm thinking about hiring bella vita. If you know your service or used it I would love to give me opinion.
As the stay, for now I'm between Real harmony or angie). If you have good or bad review also appreciate your help.



I would also like to find partner from Europe.

Even I can not work on my appointment to BBL so I'm bored ... I leave a list of foods that inhibit the absorption of iron ...

What foods prevent the body absorb iron pills?
**Grains and Fiber

Cereals and breads reduce the absorption of iron from food and iron pills. Bran, oats and other grains contain phytic acid, which binds iron in the gut and prevents absorbed. The bran has a particularly high level of phytic acid. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1987 showed that adding bran to wheat flour reduces absorption by 75 percent. Diets high in fiber limit iron absorption and increase the speed at which iron pills pass through the intestine

.• Tea

Have a cup of tea per day immediately after taking an iron pill reduces the amount of iron absorbed more than 70 percent. Red tea has the highest inhibitory effect and to reduce the absorption from 80 to 95 percent. However, herbal teas such as peppermint and chamomile also decrease the absorption of iron from 50 to 80 percent. Tea drinking more than two hours before taking iron pills minimizes the effect of iron absorption. Tea contains high levels of polyphenols, which are substances that bind iron and prevent its absorption. Tannic acid, a polyphenol found in tea, is one of the inhibitors most potent iron absorption.
• The coffee

A single cup of coffee reduces iron absorption at least 40 percent. The greatest effects occur within one hour after ingestion of iron pills. By contrast, more than one coffee drink before taking tablets not prevent absorption. The decrease in iron absorption is greater when drinking strong coffee. However, even strong coffee has half the inhibitory effect of tea. This is because coffee contains different types of polyphenol with weaker effects in terms of absorption of iron.

• Cocoa

The cocoa reduces absorption by more than 70 percent. Raisins and red grape juices have a significant effect but smaller, as they decrease the absorption of a 30 to 60 percent. The amount of iron absorbed after drinking red wine is less than half of what is absorbed with white wine. Red wine polyphenol contains a concentration 10 times higher.

• Raisins and red grape jueces

• The spices (rosemary, oregano or cinnamon)

• Milk, cheese or other dairy products

Milk, cheese or other dairy products significantly interfere with the absorption of iron. Calcium in dairy products impairs the absorption of iron by blocking their passage through the cells lining the small intestine. A glass of milk or a slice of cheese containing 125 mg of calcium reduces iron absorption by 50 percent. Lots with 300mg of calcium absorption reduced by 80 percent. Conversely, the calcium added to orange juice does not reduce the absorption of iron. This is because the orange juice contains vitamin C and citrate, which increases iron absorption and counteract the inhibitory effect of calcium. Dairy products consumed at least two hours before ingesting iron tablets do not affect iron absorption.

And everything that contains phytic acid / phatic acid.


By the way, Duran raised their prices?? BBL (standard lol) costs 4000 dollars??

Finally I have my date!

after waiting weeks for two hours I had: Duran response, or Faina telephone conversation with Elizabeth (do not ask) and e of his assistant with surgery data and payment...GRACIAS DIOS! lol

morning I send my $ 250 deposit (170 euros) to your account. You feel so relaxed when you have your surgery. It also relieves me that when you have any questions or problems I can call your office and talk to his assistant in Spanish. I quoted 3500 dollars (2600 euros) for lipo in: back, abdomen and flanks.

Right now the priority for me is to quit (that's a real shit for me lol) I think I'll go to hipnotizen or something hahaha.

On Friday I have an appointment with my family doctor and he'll ask for a blood test to ahcerme an idea of where my hemoglobin goes ...
Well I had planned to go with my boyfriend to have company of someone close , but by adding the costs if the DR would go with me to double passage ( 1100 dollars each) and would increase my cost of the stay ( I only 80 , if I'm with someone 120 dollars ) so we thought it better myself ire .

My date is May 6, 2014 , I would love to do this with someone but from Europe do not know many girls who go to DR , so I thought I can watch some girl to go on those dates and compatir the recovery house .

I've looked at the flights and I felt relieved because I thought that the trip would last at least 12 hours or more , but the ultimate in direct flight is 8 or 9 horas.Para go to DR I can take some sleeping pill lol and for the I'm sure back nine hours watching my new ass time ( 9 hours) pass flying lol

uuuuuggg that nerves.
For now just know I want to do this in DR my boyfriend and my best friend, but I think he 'll have to tell my father soon and I'm going to ask me to fund the passage by the English Court ( Spain is a multinational , not if it is known in Europe selling everything from socks to vacation packages ) so I can get more free money for xs ...

Nurse for the night in CIPLA??

I'm all for surgery scheduling . I was talking to mayra (real harmony RH ) and book my stay, but I've been reading about Domingas RH and has very good reviews and it is best that your nurse / therapist is Gianna that girls say "she is the best". I myself have seen his facebook and has several photos in various training courses and seminars on the subject of massages, therapies , etc ...
So now i don't know if go to Domingas or Real Armonia ( I would like to hear opinions from you guys )

My other concern is the famous list of supplies you taking me down the road of bitterness .. I do not speak English and I do EVERYTHING with translator ( is hell lol .. but worth it = ) ) but there are many things that not translate to anything comprendible for me or their translation does not have the same meaning in my language ... ni don't know I do nor what I will appear in DR lol
Another problem is makemeheal ( or something ) I can not ask for anything you send to Spain because it is VERY EXPENSIVE. Then look for the same products in Spain or similar pages but whenever I have the doubt if it will be equal or lower quality ( as most supplies are other brands .. Oh ! , really , I 'm sweating gout planning to get this fat and get my supplies right ...
Next week I will look at my plane ticket and I'm also waiting for my blood results .

GIRLS I NEED HELP! I want, I need a nurse to be with me in my night in cipla, because I'm really scared to be alone or be poorly served. I like to spend my first hour (all the pain) after surgery alone and in pain .. I'm terrified! so please if any girl has nurse information that can be hired for that PLEASE leave comment with the information ...


Bueno ya hoy por fin mande mi deposito hoy y mas tarde mandare un correo con el resguardo del pago. Mi banco me dijo que tardara en ser depositado un máximo de 3 dias.
Poco a poco ya estoy consiguiendo mis suministros o se donde encontrarlo. Lo unico que se me resiste es el Epi-foam y tampoco se hasta que punto es necesario. pero seguire buscandome la vida...jajaja
Esto es increible, no creo que ya este en este punto...se siente taaaan bien!!


my photos

Weight: 138 lb ( 63 kg)
Height: 5´6

I would like to increase 11 to 13 pounds (maybe more depending greed ass lol).
I have a friend who is a professional bodybuilder, I'm going to ask you to do a diet to increase my weight.

Buttocks and tits?? ... only the ass?? I'm just incomplete.. : /

I'm thinking to add my tits with Duran (lift and implants) but I am very concerned that if I do this all together, I'll be waiving a more projection of my ass ..: S: S:
so I'm going crazy thinking how can I sleep on my tits without damaging ...
so I thinking to buy a foam mattress (a piece of hard foam) quite thick and then cut a hole to put my tits (in my country is 40 dollares not know how it will be in DR). mayra ask him about this and he said he would take me to buy when you arrive ...
need to know that I find no cushion or almoada for breasts ... also I think it's better that it fills your body and do disturb the breasts...

anyway I still do not know if I'll do it with chest. It involves more money (home recovery, more days in DR...) But in Spain the least you pay for is 7000 dollares for breast...
If anyone knows a trick of some girl who has breasts and bbl, could share ... thanks

also tell you that I'm sick of talking to some friends about the operation,and her words for "encourage" are:
when I say I'm going to operate (the answer is really??, if you're great, you do not need you ...)
and when I say I operate in DR.. ¡¡ with your eyes open wide and ask QUEEEEEEE?you're crazy, really?you 're not afraid? .... and their eyes tell me .. you're gonna die, you know

burst of rage ... but luckily not all tell me that, my parents, my boyfriend and some friends supporting me ...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Tendre mi cirugia el 6 de mayo con la doctora Duran!

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