Late 20s Female - IPL for Redness / Rosacea / Freckles / Sun Damage - Southfield, MI

Before pictures, 2 hours before procedure. I'm in...

Before pictures, 2 hours before procedure. I'm in my late 20s, have had multiple sunburns from elementary through high school.

I tan 2-3x a month in a "no burn" tanning bed that uses only UVB rays. I never burn from the bed, it's expensive, but I don't get new freckles from it (like I used to with cheap tanning beds.)

I have redness in my cheeks and (sometimes) chin. I have very sensitive skin and possibly rosacea. The redness is fairly persistent, especially right after washing my face with gentle cleansers.

I hope from this procedure that I am able to get rid of the redness and create a more uniform, clear complexion. I feel like I have a mixture of redness, freckles, and sun damage.
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