24yrs Old Rhinoplasty - Southfield, MI

I've been wanting this surgery ever since I can...

I've been wanting this surgery ever since I can remember. I can now afford it and am scheduled to meet with three doctors to interview them November 7th.

All of the doctors are on the east side of Michigan. I am a little nervous but mostly just excited. I want the bump on my nose totally gone and for it to be smoother and more feminine. I am just worried about the tip. I think once I get the bump taken off the tip I'll go out too far. So I want to make sure that it won't look like it goes too far out. I don't want to look different from front on just from the sides.

I'll keep you updated!

Rhinoplasty + Septoplasty Booked!

I am so excited! I have booked my rhino+septoplasty for February 13th my Michael Fozo for February 13th 2017! I am so excited. I'm going to be able to breathe much clearer as well as he's removing the bump from lots of nose tramas over the past years.

I am a bit worried that my tip will go out too far once the bump is gone but he has assured my it's going to be very natural looking. After looking at many of his revisions I'm confidant he's the right doctor for me!

Surgery in about a month!

So I've scheduled my surgery with Dr. Michael Fozo for February 13th. I'm mostly excited! I'm sure I'll be nervous the day of or a little closer to. I'll be getting a Septoplasty and rhinoplasty.

I am very excited to be about the breathe properly through my nose. It supposed to even help me sleep better. The doctor is just taking the bump off my nose due to a few traumas 6 years ago. Here's a before profile photo!

Surgery day!

Today was surgery day!

The wort part was by far getting the IV. It took three tries and the nurse kept wiggling it around. Right after surgery I had two black eyes. The blackness moved down throughout the night into my cheeks and now they are swelling a little. I'm keeping them iced a often.

I had a pretty dry mouth (due to breathing only via mouth) and a soar throat (from being intubated) I've found that tea with lots of honey is the only thing to really help that.

No nausea for me! I'm pretty happy about that part. But I do have a bad headache and my nose got painful as the night went on.

I'm hoping for a good night sleep even though I'm not feeling tired or restful at the moment.


Healing timeline.

This is my six days of post opt healing. It is going really well. The rough part is sleeping really well and even though I have ambien I'm not sleeping very well due to waking up with a dry mouth. It's so dry I've been keeping tea with honey by my bed while I sleep and sipping it when I wake up throughout the night.

Another really hard part is having my tongue get so dry from breathing through my mouth while I sleep. It gets so dry that it has cracked and some places and it is a bit painful.

My swelling moved down for my eyes to my cheeks and it's almost out of my cheeks but I can still see it in the tip of my nose.

I looked up my nostrils with a flashlight last night and saw two white pieces of plastic I think that they are splints. I was not told I will get anything put in my nose so I had my boyfriend and friend look and they are pieces of plastic. I called the office today and The receptionist said that they rarely use that and she doesn't think that I probably have them in. Which worries me a bit because I can obviously see them.

I get my cast off Wednesday morning and I can't wait!
Detroit Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was a really calm nice man. He took a lot of time to hear all my questions and to make me confident that he's the right doctor for me!

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