1/3 Done, 46yo, 2 Vaginal Births, 1 C-section, Loss of Sensation - Southern CA

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About 2 years ago, I noticed lack of sensation in...

About 2 years ago, I noticed lack of sensation in clitoris area. My husband would touch me, and it takes a lot to get going. I could achieve orgasm with effort, but mostly vaginal. I thought this was strange because usually it's easier to get a clitoral orgasm??? I attributed this to age, hormones, etc....although thought I was awfully young for this to happen. I have minor incontinence, no issues with dryness but very dissatisfied with the effort to orgasm.
Had my first treatment last week. I could tolerate the highest heat, which the doctor said, the higher I could tolerate it, the better the results. I said, wait, if I can tolerate it, doesn't it mean I'm supper insensitive. The answer, yes (duh.) Visually, after 1 treatment, the labia majora is tighter, and husband said minora is too. He said it felt tighter to him. After just 1, I didn't feel much improvement. The orgasm I did have, was vagina, and seemed maybe 10% more intense, but my sensitivity hasn't changed. I am hoping to see improvement after the other two procedures I have left. My doctor is also treating my rectum, which I had a 3rd degree episiotomy and it was never the same. He said I healed correctly, but I am unable to really hold gas in and Lord help me if I have a bout of diarrhea--I'd better be super close to toilet (sorry for graphics.) Here too, I have not noticed a difference. He told me he is seeing improvement in treating this area, but nothing is guaranteed. I am praying for some improvement! Any would be great! Will post back after last, as I read many of these before I dove in.

6 months out

6 months out and have regressed to initial state...
I did not get any additional clitoral sensation. After treatments, it was easier to orgasm and they were way more intense. My multiple orgasms (normally about 3) increased to about 5, and intensity was nearly equivalent on all of them.
Worth it? 3 months out, would have replied yes, but 6 months out and nearly $4k short....I'd say no. Am going to start investigating O-shot....
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