1/3 Done, 46yo, 2 Vaginal Births, 1 C-section, Loss of Sensation - Southern CA

About 2 years ago, I noticed lack of sensation in...

About 2 years ago, I noticed lack of sensation in clitoris area. My husband would touch me, and it takes a lot to get going. I could achieve orgasm with effort, but mostly vaginal. I thought this was strange because usually it's easier to get a clitoral orgasm??? I attributed this to age, hormones, etc....although thought I was awfully young for this to happen. I have minor incontinence, no issues with dryness but very dissatisfied with the effort to orgasm.
Had my first treatment last week. I could tolerate the highest heat, which the doctor said, the higher I could tolerate it, the better the results. I said, wait, if I can tolerate it, doesn't it mean I'm supper insensitive. The answer, yes (duh.) Visually, after 1 treatment, the labia majora is tighter, and husband said minora is too. He said it felt tighter to him. After just 1, I didn't feel much improvement. The orgasm I did have, was vagina, and seemed maybe 10% more intense, but my sensitivity hasn't changed. I am hoping to see improvement after the other two procedures I have left. My doctor is also treating my rectum, which I had a 3rd degree episiotomy and it was never the same. He said I healed correctly, but I am unable to really hold gas in and Lord help me if I have a bout of diarrhea--I'd better be super close to toilet (sorry for graphics.) Here too, I have not noticed a difference. He told me he is seeing improvement in treating this area, but nothing is guaranteed. I am praying for some improvement! Any would be great! Will post back after last, as I read many of these before I dove in.
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