25 Years Old, Mommy of 1, Wanting the Body I've Never Had! - Southampton, PA

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I'm 25 years old and have a beautiful daughter...

I'm 25 years old and have a beautiful daughter (one and done!). I've never had the body that I always desired. I go to the gym 6 days a week and run at least two miles and lift weights. The only way to have my perfect body is to get it surgically! I visited Dr. Koles office and knew right away that I was choosing him. His office staff is so sweet and so helpful in every aspect. Dr. Kole explained everything to me and made me very comfortable.

Pre-op appointment

Yesterday, I had my pre op appointment and it made it feel 'real'. I paid my balance and got my prescriptions for blood work as well as post-op medication. I can't say I'm ready for the recovery that comes with it but my head is held high and remaining positive for the positive results in store for the future!

I'm most worried about how my two year old is going to adjust with me being down for the count and being a 'princess' as my surgeon calls it.
Any tips for young toddlers while recovering?


Today is the day. I feel many emotions. Nervous, scared, excited.... tell me this is normal?
I have to be there in less than 3 hours...I'm excited but worried about my two year old not understanding why mommy can't help her do things for a while.
Any tips welcome!

Post op day 2

Boy, this has been rough. I'm not draining a whole lot and I've read that that is a good thing and I will get my drains out sooner. Had my first 'meal' today. 1/4 can of chicken noodle soup which was amazing. My boobs hurt and my drains are miserable feeling every time I move. First appt Monday morning! Hoping to get my drains out and this wrap off my boobs!

Post op

Feeling really great the last two days. Can stand up almost completely straight and am able to move around for longer time spans. Getting up and down off of the couch by myself and feeling wonderful.
Drains still in and still draining 30 on my left and 25 on my right. Hoping by Monday they will cease so I can get them out!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation with Dr. Kole and he told me exactly what I would need to have done to get my desired body. I thought I would've needed a breast lift but he says just a BA and a tummy tuck! I'm very excited and he made me feel very comfortable, along with his office staff!

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