43 Years Old, 5'11 and 150lbs

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My goal is to look sexy in clothes. I want to go...

My goal is to look sexy in clothes. I want to go from a small 34 B to a D. I have always wanted larger breast and now I'm finally doing it!! I paid the deposit and my pre-opt appt is 9/14. I'm nervous for a few reasons: I want to be a D and the surgeon is recommending C. I'm nervous regarding the pain post-opt. I don't deal well with pain.

Wish boobies

4 Days to Go!!

Excited and nervous

Post-opt day1

Ugh it hurts and it feels as if a small elephant is sitting on my chest. Pain meds are only making my loopy and sleepy. I can't move my arms without pain. Getting a glass of water to mouth is a challenge. Day 1 sucks.

Dr Kole

Dr Kole and and his staff have been wonderful. Dr Kole called me the night of surgery to check on me. His staff called me today as well to see how I was doing. Dr Kole and his staff are professional and compassionate.

Day 2 post-opt

Getting better!! I slept through the night on the recliner with my new bf dilauded and Valium. Today I only took Tylenol and my have my ice packs on. I find it best to use my leg and stomach muscles to stand up.

Day 4post-opt

Today was my 1st post-opt visit. Bandages were removed and everything is looking good. Dr Kole and his staff continue to be an amazing practice. OMG it felt great to shower!!!!! I'm a still sore, but the pain manageable.

Day 8

More pics

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Office staff have been courteous and have answered all my questions thus far.

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