Roaccutane Second Time Round Finally Works! - South Wales, NY

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I was 19 years old when I had my first...

I was 19 years old when I had my first prescription for roaccutane, but it didn't work at all which left me in tears, I had aches & pains & also very dry lips.

Then when I was 26 I had my second prescription through a private doctor this time who said that I was underdosed back then & should have 4 tablets pr day not 2 & for 9 months not just 3. This time round it worked & my skin is a lot better. I still have breakouts but this I have now rectified by not wearing moisturiser only serum & by making my own foundation & face powder because store bought ones all seem to contain parabens, dimethicones, & many more nasty ingredients.

Still get spots after Roaccutane

What I am finding 4yrs post Roaccutane is that most makeup & day or night creams make me breakout. I'm finding that less is more & the purer the product the better. Anything with parabens, dimethicones, ppg, triethalamine, parafin liquidim, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, parfum, etc wreck havoc with my skin, so you can imagine that it is difficult to find anything without these ingredients. The skincare & makeup companies are so behind & need to catch up, but it would mean losing millions! This is because Rimmel, Nivea, Clearasil, Neutrogrena, Eucerin, Dermacare, nearly all pharmacy products, Vaseline products, Ponds, Simple, Olay, Loreal, No7, Soap & Glory, Burts Bees, The Sanctuary, etc plus premium beauty such as YSL & Clinique, are all laden with these synthetic ingredients that ruin people's skin, whether straight away or in the future. They contain miniscule amounts of the effective ingredient & probably 90% preservatives & water. That's why I have resorted to making my own face powder, cleanser, toner, moisturisers etc & my skin is now breathing again : )
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I had it in Wales, United Kingdom, but this website only seems to list the USA. It cost me £100.

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