TT and Robotic Hysterectomy! - Texas, TX Update !!!

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Hello all !!! I'm a 31 year old mother of two...

Hello all !!! I'm a 31 year old mother of two beautiful boys !!!! 8 yrs and 6 years old.... I am so nervous I am going to get a tummy tuck and Robotic hysterectomy on Dec 14!!!! I love reading all the post on here and decided to write he as well in case of questions and for support. I am in good shape and last year complete p90x two rounds, no matter how much I worked out I was unable to make my tummy tight and the stretch marks drove me crazy !!! I am also in college full time so this past year I've slacked on the workouts, and gained a few pounds in hope my PS could remove a few more of the stretch marks. I understand that the ones above the bell can't be removed but hopefully they will be pulled tighter. I had a mastopexy and augmentation in 2009 and love the "girls" . I'm hoping I will feel confident enough to wear a bikini afterwards and can't wait to hit the gym again and get back in shape . Any tips as I prepare for surgery would be great !,, any recommendations on scar creams / binders would help! Also how does everyone feel about arcida Montana ?? Or increases protein to help the healing process???

How do I add photos ?

How do I add photos ?

Hello , yes I saw my doctor yesterday he had to...

Hello , yes I saw my doctor yesterday he had to aspirate 75 cc of fluid wants to see me back Thursday. :-(. When I left the hospital he doesn't place you in a compression garment for about a week. I got mine a week later & have worn it 24/7 !!!!! I had my first drain removed 13 days & second 19 days after surgery. have any of y'all had the feeling if cool / warm sensation on your tummy ? Kinda like its running down on the inside ? This only happens on my right side & I'm not sure if its nerves or fluid ? I don't seem to have any other fluid build up other than below my incision . ..... I will try to post pictures .... And edit a few to decrease nudity ....
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