ROUND #2 revision with new doc Dr. Cardenas please scroll down for her information!!! First one Dr. Foster messed me up!!!!!!

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Well after all these yrs of waiting I'm finally...

Well after all these yrs of waiting I'm finally scheduled for a mommy makeover "YAAAAAY" my breast aug is scheduled for May 1st and tummy tuck for May 2nd hotel is booked for 3 days I'm ready to roll!!!!!! Ann is the one I've been communicating with all along, she's very thorough and answers any question you may have :-) Dr. Foster is very nice and confident about his work, I know 7 people who had their breast aug done by him and are very happy :-)

My wish pic :-)


Hi ladies!!! On my way to my pre-op appt, reality is finally kicking in I'm EXCITED & NERVOUS!!!!!!


My pre-op appt went really well :-) I've decided to go with 800cc's above the muscle, there was a girl there for her post-op, she happily shared her experience and also showed me her tummy tuck along with breast aug and let me tell you Dr. Foster does excellent work ==> BIG relief to see his actual work in person very thankful that she was there when I was :-) I'm ready to do this!!!!


Hello ladies!!!
Anyone out there with 800cc's HP (over) saline implants, that could tell me what cup size in bra that would be???


Dr. Foster does ICARE which makes it affordable for you ladies that have been wanting cosmetic surgery for years, here are 2 breakdowns of how much you would have to put down to get your surgery done and what your pymnts would be after, hope it helps! :-)


Only 8 more days to go!!!!! I can't believe the day is almost here, can anyone on here tell me their experiences with over the muscle breast augs saline 800cc's and pain as well as tummy tuck and pain, your feedback is greatly appreciated cause right now I'm feeling like I'm on a ghost forum


There is a girl that I met on here and have been keeping contact on here as well as through cell with her, she had her surgeries done by Dr. Foster yesterday 10am was woken up at 3:30pm and driven by the doctor to her hotel, she said she did experience alot of pain yesterday but is doing alot better today she is very happy with his work, how he treated her as a patient, he's very friendly & caring as well as his staff :-) I am so happy for her and cannot wait to get mine done this Thursday coming up! !!!


Anyone on here 5'0-5'2 in height and weigh over 150pds that can tell me there BA & Tummy Tuck experience?? That got 700-800 cc's Hp over the muscle for their BA.


Is there another site that anyone recommends for me to go to where I may get my questions answered??


750cc's it is MY MIND IS MADE UP!!!!! Thursday here I come!!! :-)


2 more day's :-) ==> all these mixed feelings that are going through me! ! !




I cannot believe how fast time went by!!!!! I am packing up ==> getting last minute things ready to leave to Tahoe this afternoon :-) tomorrow is my 1st BIG day breast augmentation @ 10am


Tummy is all done woohoo!!!! I will be posting pics when swelling is down :-) today on 5/2/14 Dr. Foster came to my motel to pick me up had my breast Aug done and I am very very happy!!!! Will post pics of by breast in a bit I went with 800 cc's


Here's my breast Aug! :-)



Oh by the way I do have pics of my surgeries getting done tummy tuck and breast that I will be posting as soon as I get home :-) for those that don't mind looking ;-)


Here's a couple photos during my tummy tuck surgery (for those that don't get sick to easily)


Can anyone on here tell me your experience with your tummy tuck as far as swelling and things of that sort, greatly appreciated


Forgot to mention I have not taken not one pain pill since leaving both surgeries, only med I had in my body was the ones before and during surgery by doc and I'm doing very good :-)


Very happy with everything just waiting for tummy swelling to go down and not have to wear garment :-)


Feeling really depressed today....keeping alot inside me about to let it all out :-/


I'm 27 day's post-op tummy tuck and from my understanding tt's are a long process for healing, but I just don't feel the tightness of muscle repair that the doctor did I would think I would start seeing a better flatter side side by now despite the swelling and on one side above incision I have a lump that I can feel when I press down that's hard and can slightly be seen in the mirror.....I don't know what to think..


I do love my implants and have no problem with them :-) 800 cc's moderate mentor, can't wait to get rid of bra that was put on me after surgery it's ugly LOL

Anyone else?

Get their surgeries done by this doc??????
Interested more if you had a tummy tuck and how did it come out???

follow up

So went for another post op today, according to the doctor my lumps will go away with massage that ive already been doing since the 2nd day of surgery with no change still. I also told him my scar is too high and again why didn't he go under my c-section scar as we discussed and as he marked right before I went into surgery, his response is that it's due to gravity that it's high and that he couldn't go under c-section scar but didn't give a reason as always!!!! I'm very frustrated with other mix feelings and emotions has anyone else been told something similar to this?????? Weird how alot of females are complaining to him about the high scars what's the excuse for everyone else? How can he promise us bikini area scar and end up giving us a parachute's not right



I don't want anyone to have to go through what me and 2 other girls that I met on here are going through.....we are unhappy, miserable and depressed on what Dr. Lawrence Foster has done to us, we are actual patients and have been faithfully wearing our garments so don't let anyone in that office tell you otherwise like this is a fake profile or we didn't follow instructions cause it's all bull


Do your research very very well DO NOT GO TO Dr. Lawrence Foster!!!!!!! His breast pass, his tummy tucks are horrible horrible horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!


How many of you seen on the news about the girl that passed away from a pulmonary embolism, she got a tt and lipo done in the Dominican Republic????


My friend goes in today at 10 am to get her implants put back in by this doctor I pray that this time there is no mess ups and that she is free of infection......can't wait to hear from her........

****So we have a date****

February 10th my cousin and I will be getting our surgeries done with Dr. Carmina Cardenas :-) it will be my cousins first time she will be getting a tt, muscle repair, Lipo of lower upper back & inner thighs with fat graft to the booty. It will be a tummy revision for me to fix the horrible job that Dr. Lawrence Foster from Lake Tahoe Ca did, I will be getting extended tt, muscle repair, Lipo to upper and lower back, mons lift & lipo along with fat grafting to my booty :-) I should have went to her in the first place but for her it was cash all up front and for Foster he was offering icare which pulled me to him BIG MISTAKE! like they say you get what you pay for and my god I sure did :-( but the good thing is I am able to be fixed which gives me comfort so I can't wait to actually look and feel sexy!


Anyone that went to Dr. Carmina Cardenas in Tj that could share their experience and pics with me???? I would greatly appreciate it :-)

*****Tips & reminder*****

Anyone have any good tips on weightloss along with exercise????
Reminder: Anyone looking into Dr. Lawrence Foster hes retiring by the end of this month, please remember it's your body don't mess it up by going to him can't wait for my mess to be fixed.


My cousin and I rescheduled ourselves to April 7th 2014 with Dr. Carmina Cardenas, meantime concentrating on losing as much weight as possible any good tips and advice on weightloss is greatly appreciated also if you've had surgeries with this doctor please please pleeeeeeease share your experience with us :-)

looking for a buddy for the buddy rate discount****

I'm looking into going to Dr. Carmina Cardenas for a revision like at the end of July 2015, anyone on here (who is serious) and wants to buddy up for the cosmetic discount???? no we don't have to ride together it's just setting appt together on same day to get the discount benefits us both :-)

Anyone going to Dr. Cardenas end of July 2015????

Looking for a buddy for the discount which benefits both of us no we don't got to fly or ride together just simply get the surgeries done on the same day serious people only please thank you!


Looks like my surgery date with Dr. Carmina Cardenas will be July 28, 2015 anyone else scheduled around that day or on that day???? Also would like feedback from people that have already had surgeries done by her :-)
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