5 Sessions of IPL for Freckles and Photoaging - Busan, South Korea

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I got IPL in Busan, South Korea fall 2008. I...

I got IPL in Busan, South Korea fall 2008. I wanted to fade my freckles and correct photoaging. My freckles totally disappeared, but the doctor didn't do my eyelids so I still had freckles there. Was a little red for about an hour and after that felt fine. My skin looked much clearer and whiter, which was what I hoped for. It wasn't dramatic, but noticeable. I was happy with the results. It didn't do ANYTHING for wrinkles though.

Now it's April 2010, and my freckles are starting to come back eventhough I wear 40 spf every day, so it's not a permanent solution. I recently got a co2 fractional laser (which you can read about and see pictures under Fractional Lasers: Resurfacing Lasers. I'll post a pic of before I got the Cos laser but after IPL.

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He's not a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, but a general practitioner.

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