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South Korea Plastic Surgeon

I am an international patient who from Canada who came to Dr. Lee's clinic in 2017. Before coming to Dr. Lee, I had two prior rhinoplasties to try to fix my issue. I had a very badly upturned nose due to skin contracture from a rhinoplasty done before and had a lot of difficulty breathing through the nose that neither doctor in my home country was able to fix. In the weeks after both prior surgeries (done with septal and ear cartilage grafts), both surgeons told me to give it time and that the nose would "drop" with time, which turned out to be completely untrue. In my experience, the tip of the nose is usually fixed within 1-2 weeks after surgery and if your nose is still badly upturned after bulk of the initial swelling disappears, you are probably going to need a revision. When surgeons say that the nose tends to "drop after surgery", they mean by a couple degrees. Mine was upturned ~15+ degrees above the normal range and my nostrils were highly visible from the front view. I started to grow desperate that I was stuck like this and my life was being significantly impacted. I emailed Dr. Lee's clinic and was told that I would require a full rib cartilage rhinoplasty to fix my cosmetic problem. I hadn't even mentioned the breathing issue at this time, but when I arrived in South Korea, Dr. Lee's checkup was very thorough and he diagnosed that I would need a extensive septoplasty/turbinoplasty as well. Communication was no issue at all. The clinic was very professional and made the trip totally hassle free. Room and board were included in the surgery fee and the apartment was very nice. The procedure was long (5-6 hours) and extensive, but very successful. Immediately upon waking up I remember touching my nose with the cast and bandages still on and feeling ecstatic that the tip was finally fixed into a normal position. Within a 3-4 days of the procedure, I could breath through the nose better than I ever could, and this only improved in the following weeks. Dr. Lee and VIP clinic deserve the highest praise I can give - they fully delivered on a complicated revision case that multiple prior surgeons completely failed at. If you have a more demanding/extensive rhinoplasty/revision that would benefit from rib grafting, I would recommend coming here.

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