Fat grafting at DAPRS Clinic, Korea

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I am 50 years old and was exploring fat transfer...

I am 50 years old and was exploring fat transfer instead of a facelift as my skin has not sagged enough yet. I contacted Dr Bill Johnson in Dallas, Texas after reading the good reviews of him on this site but was quoted $5,000-$7,000 which although is cheaper than UK prices of £10,000-£12,000, could not beat the quotes I got from a top plastic surgeon in fat transfer, Dr Ki-Kap Kim of DA plastic surgery clinic in Seoul. I had my first fat graft in July and a top up September 7. The photo is 2 weeks postop. Before fat grafting my face was bony and I had markedly hollow temples with marionette lines around my mouth. As one ages, it is normal to lose fat from the face. I would say if you are on a budget, consider flying to Seoul and visiting DA clinic. They offered me next day surgery after my consultation and I managed to negotiate 2.5 million won for 2 x full face fat grafts minus the 10% tax refund you get back at the airport. I think in the best hands, facial fat grafting is a good way to look younger. You can message me for my ugly and old before photo.

Adding my old before photo and my first fat graft

Have figured out how to blot out my eyes in my old ugly before photo. You can see my forehead was bony, temples hollow, with deep nasolabial and marionette lines. Instead of fillers all over the face, I chose fat transfer. The next photo is a few weeks after my first fat graft in July with Dr Kim. For my second fat graft in September I asked not to refill the forehead as it was still smooth from July.

Photos of my surgeon Dr Ki-Kap Kim and DAPRS clinic

I have added a photo of my surgeon as there is none on real self along with the clinic. They are featured in tv shows doing swan type of makeovers. I am also adding yesterday's photo which is me 3 weeks post fat graft. So far so good. I am hoping it lasts permanently which would make it a lot cheaper than regular dermal fillers.

5 months post first fat graft and 3 months post second. Grafts completed.

Fat grafting results.

Before any plastic surgeries this year alongside rejuvenated face with eyelid surgery and second fat graft postop.

Dr Kikap Kim made me go from 50 to 20s with facial fat grafting

Results of facial fat grafting to rejuvenate an older face by returning baby fat to the entire face.

More photos after my first facial fat grafting in July

Hopefully it will help others from botched jobs elsewhere. Dr Kikap Kim is THE best in my professional opinion for fat grafting in Korea. Yes I am 50 going on 20s!

To look even younger after fat grafting, add bullhorn lip lift

2 days ago I had bullhorn lip lift to make me look even younger! In my photos after fat graft, I did not smile because my philtrum is long and at rest only my bottom teeth had show which made me look older. I chose to have bullhorn lip lift with Miss Caroline Mills in London. Korea did not deliver on lip lift and even though I paid for bullhorn lip lift in Korea at MVP clinic, they gave me vermillion border lip lift. I would strongly advise you refuse to do vermillion and only bullhorn. I paid 2.5 million for lip lift in Korea that left me with no upper front teeth show so 6 months later had to pay £2450 to Miss Mills to do it properly.

Before lip lift

Here is my before bullhorn lip lift photo showing a long 20 mm philtrum (17 mms on the sides) and no upper teeth show (vermillion lip lift in Korea left me with a long philtrum). The bullhorn lip lift removed my upper philtrum skin down to the bottom mole which now lies in the incision line under the nose.

Day 4 after bullhorn lip lift in quest to look 20s

The upper lip swelling is responding to arnica cream and finally I can see my upper front teeth when smiling. This was the one thing that gave away my age, ie only lower tooth show at rest and a smile that barely showed any upper teeth due to a sagging 20 mm philtrum. As one ages, the philtrum droops 5 mm per decade. Now it is back to the philtrum length of someone in their 20s, ie 11 mm.

Day 5 after bullhorn lip lift

I am now applying 1% hydrocortisone cream to the scar. I also read dermatologists recommend this once a day for a week. As my nose sill is prominent, I need this scar to get better asap!

Day 5 after bullhorn lip lift

I am adding a full face photo of me on day 5 after bullhorn lip lift. One friend says I look like a teenager now. I feel like I should be going to university but I am almost 51! I must say, plastic surgery can make you any age you wish. Fat grafting puts back baby fat into your face and eyelids and lip lift shortens your philtrum to reverse decades of lip and skin ageing.

Day 8 after bullhorn lip lift and I now have an amazing smile

Miss Caroline Mills of London, UK is amazing! I finally have the perfect smile and have plenty of upper teeth show.

Fat grafting only lasted 8 months, or 6 months since top up.

It has now been 8 months since my first full face fat graft or 6 months since my second at DAPRS. Unfortunately it did not last and I cannot afford to keep flying and paying DAPRS. My mistake was I did not check to see if he was offering PRP fami / fat graft as PRP lasts much longer. This accounts for the cheaper price for fat graft vs PRP fami in Texas. I am not sure I would recommend getting fat grafting that is not PRP as it disappears in 6-8 months.

Photo taken one month after my third facial fat graft in one year.

Be prepared to fork out for 3-4 facial fat grafts for it to last or insist you get prp fat graft. I think I must have got regular fat grafting and not prp as I have had to have so many fat grafts in less than a year. Or maybe at my age fat graft does not last?
Dr Ki-Kap Kim

I would not recommend Dr Kim after his clinic manager tried to get me to pay 3.6 million won when we had agreed on 1 million won for a third facial fat graft. I have paid DA 2.5 million for July 2016 and September's facial fat graft and 1 million for April's fat graft top up in 2017 ie undergone 3 facial fat grafts all over a 10 month period as it did not last. The fat grafting to the mid to lower face just reabsorbed so I have had to use dermal fillers in the UK and I was left with no bandaging or taping to my thigh donor site with the first and third fat grafts which left me with extensive bruising and pain and asymmetric thighs.

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