Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in South Korea!

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Hi, I’m a 28 year old female of Asian descent, l...

Hi, I’m a 28 year old female of Asian descent, living in Sydney. I have square jaw and long chin with asymmetry and been disliking them ever since I was little; as they always made me think that I look abnormal and different when compared to others. To get rid of these concerns I tried fillers and botox but was more stressed with the fact that I have to inject my face for every 6 – 12 months of the toxins constantly.

So I started to look into the jaw shaving surgeries and found that the procedure isn’t that dangerous as long as it’s done at a proper hospital by professional plastic surgery surgeons. Though I’ve never been to South Korea but my background is Korean, I have a lot of Korean friends and they suggested me to go to Korea for plastic surgeries because the surgeries are so commonly done in Korea and their surgeons have many experiences, plus the price may be cheaper than here in the states. And seriously if you type Korean plastic surgery clinics on google, you’ll find like thousands and thousands of clinics and reviews.

But because I only wanted to improve my bone problem, I searched for facial bone surgery hospitals and a hospital called ID grabbed my eyes, as they were the only hospital in Korea specializing for facial bone surgeries. On their website, they had an English online consultation thingy (you’ll see a little box popping up if you go onto their website; I think it was called something like tocplus? talkplus.) so I sent my pictures to their email first and chatted with the consultant, explaining about my concerns. She suggested me a bone contouring surgery called V-line and said it’s going to sharpen and shorten my jaw and chin by osteotomy.

It sounded quite scary and made me worry because I’ll actually have to cut out the bone. But I decided to make an appointment with the doctor, as I’ve been longing for an oval face. So now I have booked my flight to Korea and can’t wait to be there soon with my summer clothes! I’ll come back and update again next week after seeing the doctor :)
Bye bye!

Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in South Korea!_Part2

Hi, Peeps!

I finally made my trip to Korea and here I am! The first time in Korea and I’m so excited!!!!! I went to ID straight away from the airport (they do a limo service, but you need to book it if you want this service and the driver won’t speak English so keep it in mind). When I arrived at the hospital I was amazed by its size.. It was soooooo big! I heard of its size but it was wayyy bigger than what I expected. The receptionists were very welcoming and they directed me to 15th floor to meet with the English translator. But I had to wait for a while being told that the translators were not finished with other patients yet. When I was looking at the view of Seoul city waiting for the translator, a barista came and asked if I wanted any drinks. How sweet! I was very impressed.

Before seeing the doctor, I just had to fill out some forms about my medical history and the surgery I wish to have. And guess what? I did that on i-pad! Not just on a piece of paper! It was much more convenient. After filling the forms, I had some examinations such as blood test, electrocardiogram, CT and X-ray. They told me I need to take these examinations before seeing the doctor so that he can make more accurate diagnosis and safe surgical plan before surgeries. Then I had to wait again to see the consultant. It was such a long wait :(

During the consultation with the doctor, he told me with the V-line surgery, my square jaw will be symmetrically slimed and the chin will be shortened. I asked him what T-osteotomy is and he told me that it’s an osteotomy method they use for V-line surgery to smooth the square jaw and also shorten the chin at once. And because I’m worried about the surgery I asked him endless questions but he was so gentle and kind at all times :D

Oh, and the English translator was with me everywhere I go so I had no problem during the visit at the hospital. She was also very nice :)) My Vline surgery is scheduled for next week Monday and I’m feeling very scared and nervous.. Hopefully everything goes well!! Alright now I’m off to shop at Garosu-gil. See you next week!

Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in South Korea!_Part3

Hi guys, I’m back.
I had the surgery yesterday and today is the first day after surgery. Yesterday when I went to the hospital, I was asked to disrobe to a patient gown and wash my face and mouth to disinfect. Then met Dr Ji Hyuk Lee for the final consultation for surgical design before surgery and was moved to the operation room. It was the scariest moment when I laid on the bed, seeing the ceiling. But the nurses held my hands and told me not to worry as everything will be done when I’m up from a sleep. In a second, I fell asleep and really, as the nurses told me all things were done; but I felt very dizzy and nauseous. The translator told me to take a deep breath, in and out to emit the anesthetic gases otherwise I’ll feel dizzy for longer hours. She also explained about how to use a self-controlling painkiller if I’m feeling too much pain. Oh, and I was not allowed to eat or drink anything for six hours after surgery. So basically no food for 2 days because I was asked to fast for 8 hours prior to the surgery. Anyways, I was in a big big pain for the whole night yesterday; but got much better since this morning and I discharged from the hospital after seeing Dr Lee! And to be honest, I can’t actually see the result yet, as my face is sooo swollen haha I look like a toadfish... lol. I’ll be visiting the hospital again after a week for a treatment so I’ll update the review then. Bye : )

Facial Bone Contouring Surgery in South Korea!_Part4

Hello people, sorry for the late update!
So now I’m into 2 week post facial bone contouring surgery in South Korea at ID Hospital.
My face is still swollen, especially around the chin area and even my lips are quite swollen. I’ve been wearing a facial compression bandage for the last two weeks and it feels like heaven when I sometimes take it off to rest. Today I went to the hospital to remove the stitches inside my mouth and also for a swelling care they offer to help reduce the swelling; which was very calming and soothing. Oh, and the nurse told me that I no longer need to wear the facial compression for 24hours (I can sometimes take it off). Dr Lee told me my surgery outcome is very successful so all I need to do now is to take a good care until I fully recover. He showed the x-ray of my before and after photos and the angles were really gone! Can’t wait to see my slimmed face when all of these swellings are gone. I’ll keep you guys updated after few weeks again :) Byebye
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