36 Year-old Male - Rhinoplasty to Change Large Nostrils. South Korea, KR

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I've grown up with a pair of semi-large nostrils,...

I've grown up with a pair of semi-large nostrils, which I always thought were the focus of my face. Yet, nobody really cared, except for me. I think this insecurity started when I was around 10, and my mom would pull on my nose to make it straighter. Then I had a first inkling of my nose, not being up to par. This was further perpetuated by my own insecurity and focus on my nose over the years.
Finally, I decided to see the other side, and thought that this beauty would release me of my insecurity. It didn't accomplish that at all, but only traded one insecurity for another.
There is no such thing as an "ideal nose", it is all a part of the social narrative that is told to us, to conform to society's judgments.
If we can find a way to overcome those thoughts in our own mind, we can seek happiness. If we can accept ourselves for the way we are, others will follow suit. And if they don't, they don't need to be in our lives.
I realized having this surgery done, that no surgery can bring happiness or self-acceptance. Only strength in your mind and heart, and self-love and acceptance can bring the peace that you need.
If anyone is considering rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or any cosmetic elective surgery, I would strongly advise on not doing it. I have lost my cute face, smile, and softness that is me.

Revision by removal of all the artificial junk

After 2 weeks I had a rhinoplasty revision. We removed silicone bridge, medpor tip, and alar base tread. Result is FANTASTIC!!!! I don't know if this would've resulted if I didn't go through the first surgery, but my nose is more symmetrical than birth nose, better tip projection, and less nose flare. I love my nose! and it won't require another revision because there is nothing to replace. I got so lucky. Had my nose job in Daejeon, Korea DoctorsMi. will post pictures after, removal of tape.
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