I'm Finally Going To Do It. TT in 2015, Whoop Whoop! 5'8" 155 Lbs. South Carolina, SC

Ok, so I have wanted a TT since i had my first...

Ok, so I have wanted a TT since i had my first child in 2001. Then when I had my second in 2003 I knew I had to have one. I have tried diet and exercise to get rid of this baggage and nothing seems to work at all. If I lose weight it only looks more saggy and wrinkled. I normally stay at 155 lbs these past few years and I have found that my tummy doesnt look as wrinkled at this weight as it does when im at 126 lbs. The negative side of things is that I hate weighing this much, but i hate my belly looking even more wrinkly and saggy. So here i have been for years. Unhappy either way. Before I had kids and hated my tummy I hated my breast, which are (were) a natural 34 B (A according to the PS) so in 2012 I made the decision to have a BA and let me tell ya, It was the best decision I ever made for my self esteem. My belly is hidden under my clothes during the day and in the dark at night. My breast on the other hand were pretty obvious all the time. I knew when I had them done that the next think on my list was a TT. I have to put my TT off until mid 2015 because I am getting married in April. The cost of the wedding and honeymoon are our first priorities right now. I told my FH yesterday that I WAS getting a TT next year and he said he didnt care but he liked me just the way I am now. I dont get that. If I tell him im going to join a gym and lose weight and start meal planning he is all for that. So why not be excited about the TT? FEAR of hurting my feelings. I figure he feels like he will hurt my feelings if he acts too enthused about me and a TT. I have known my FH for 17 years and dated for 2.5 years in high school so he saw what my body looked like pre baby. Yeah, back when I was 107 lbs and tight and firm. So I feel super insecure when I think about that at times. But anyway, I will post some pics of me now hopefully later today. You guys stories are what keeps me motivated and excited. Thank you all for posting on RS. :)

35 Years Old, 5'8" 168 Lbs. Tummy Tuck Scheduled for 6/9/17

I went for my TT consultation on the 11 of January. I have previously undergone a breast augmentation 07/25/12 with Dr. Thomas McFadden at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Greenville SC and decided to go to Dr. McFadden for my TT since they knew my previous history as well as being a trusted surgeon.
I truly hate my stomach and have for a very long time. It has been stretched out for 13 years. I'm on a diet and trying to get to 140 lbs by my surgery date. I'm currently on the Keto Diet and that is showing results but so many of the recipes have eggs and I hate eggs. If I can taste the egg I will nearly gag and vomit so I prefer to not eat any. I have been surviving on buffalo wings and veggies. I lost 7 lbs the first week on the diet. My weight has fluctuated the past two years from 182-140. I'm hoping to squash that and hit the 130 mark by the end of the year. I'm not going to the gym at the moment but plan on doing that in the near future. 
I paid the deposit of $1000 for my procedure already can't wait to get rid of all of this "fluff" as my husband calls it.
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