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I am 6 days in to my recovery from: tumescent...

I am 6 days in to my recovery from: tumescent liposuction under general anesthesia, a very small mini tuck (in doctor's words) because he said i didn't have enough loose skin for a full mini tuck, and he plicated my fascia muscles (muscle tightening). I decided to have this surgery after exhausting all efforts to totally flatten my stomach with diet and exercise. I have a ten year old and i have been battle this bulge since i gave birth.

I still very swollen and i have a crease about 2 inches below my belly button where i was told the doctor was more aggressive due to his sculpting technique. I also just had a seroma drained about 2 days ago that formed along my lower stomach near the pubic area. the mini tuck scar is still bandaged so i havent seen it yet. I'm not in alot of pain right now, just alot of soreness. i can walk around straight up and dont take pain meds as often, mainly at night. I have been wearing my compression garment day and night. I can tell my torso is smaller but definitely not ready to show off due to the moderate swelling and firmness i have. My doctor assures me im going to look great...i hope so...i cant wait to see the final results!

Alot of the swelling has gone down around my upper...

alot of the swelling has gone down around my upper trunk area but i still have a huge crease under my belly button and a big seroma on my lower stomach where he did the mini tuck and muscle repair. the doc assures me that everything will even out. i have to keep getting the seroma aspirated every week.i can definitely see that have gotten smaller in my waist but i am concerned that he may have take more from one side than the other along the flank and bra roll area. its very slight and probably only noticeable to me because i have an extreme eye for detail...im hoping it will all even out when i start working out
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