24, 5'7, 128lbs, 34A saggy cup before, 520cc natrelle inspra SRF

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24 years old. 1 child (he's 3). 5'7 & 125lbs....

24 years old. 1 child (he's 3). 5'7 & 125lbs.

A little background- I was about 110lbs before I got pregnant with my son. Throughout that pregnancy I gained 100lbs and went from BARELY an A cup to beyond a DD after my milk came in.

Post breastfeeding my breasts went back down to that A cup but with stretch marks abs sagging. I've always wanted a BA but since I've had my deflated breast I've developed an almost hatred for my chest.

A couple weeks ago I had a consultation with a PS I'm comfortable with and was so relieved when he told me I would not need a lift! The appointment went so good, I brought my husband along for him to see everything as well.

After measurements and some vectra imaging, I loved the larger breast size for me. I have decided on 520ccs, dual plane, underboob incision. My goal is to be a good bit bustier, I had no intentions on being modest with the implant size and would love to be a DD or more after.

My pre-op is on the 16th with surgery on the 26th!!!!! I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas again ????. Can't freaking wait. I'm also getting the Exparel injection for a "faster" recovery.

I'm super excited and wish you all the best in this journey. I'll be posting pictures throughout this process as well.

Pre-op yesterday! Getting closer :)

Yesterday I went in for my pre-op apt! Got my blood taken and hoping everything comes back okay. Naturally, I worry about everything :///.

My doctor and staff makes me feel at ease about everything. SO nerves aren't a problem right now, just how to pass time til next Friday!

I will be going from a deflated A cup to 520cc. I will be getting the natrelle SRF (smooth, round, full profile). Originally I was deciding between the 485 and 520s. Now I wonder if I should go even bigger than that?? Idk, any advice???

I attached some pre implant pics with a sports bra for later comparison.

Also- a strange occurrence at pre-op

Forgot to mention! Walking out of my pre op appointment yesterday I ran into my MOTHER. Who has NO idea what I was doing!

She was in the waiting room bc she just got her eyelids done by the PS. Sooooo I ended up telling her. She was kindof in shock but she's had implants back in 2004.

I just like to tell my family AFTER I do "extreme" things. (Tattoos, surgery, etc)

This week!!! 520cc natrelle inspra SRF

Finally getting my ducks in a row and preparing for surgery! Posting some befores in a tank top and bathing suit top for post op reference.

On the other side :)

Just got home from surgery. We were late getting started but that's okay I like that my PS doesn't rush anything. Everyone was so sweet. I'm not in much pain. The tightness is uncomfortable but bearable. I've been nervous the past couple of days but surprisingly today I wasn't nervous at all.

Went in, took a pee prego test (not prego-woohoo! Lol), then nurse got me started for the IV. Doc came in and marked me up. Nurse gave me antibiotic through IV. Then the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me, he was sooo nice. I felt so good about the team I had going into this, so I had 0 nerves. Then I went to OR and laid on table. I got the versed (?) and then put mask on and I don't even remember what was next. Woke up in recovery coughing really bad from sputum. From the tube I'm guessing. Nurse gave me ice and then some sprite to help thin the sputum up. They got me dressed and then I was wheeled down to my hubby who was also so sweet. (He also forgot the post op paperwork but we called and got all the info again ).

I'm so glad I did this already. They look amazing in the recovery bra. To me any ways. I went with 520cc natrelle SRF. I don't have my cards bc hubby left those but I think that's what is in me bc he wasn't told other wise.

Day 1 post op, 520ccs natrelle srf

First night was not that bad. I have a travel pillow and that helped so much with sleeping upright. I woke up when the pain started to get bad (which was exactly when I needed to take more) but fell right back to sleep after. I was worried bc I'm a serious side sleeper.

About every hour or so I'm raising my arms, kind of like a jumping jack motion, to help blood flow. its not painful just a tad uncomfortable. I have downloaded the app "pill reminder" and its amazing. I'm trying to stay on top of my pain medication so I set the reminder for that, and also entered my Valium and Promethazine on an as needed schedule so I can input that and keep track as well. That app has been so helpful.

I'm glad my hubby is off today, I really need his help for a lot. I'm trying to move around but not push myself. My hubs has to go back to work tomorrow so he's preparing all the foods today. He also has a job where is able to come by if need be. Speaking of hubby, he is soo in love with my new girls. I'm obsessed too. They are super high and have not taken off the surgical bra but I could not be more happy with my results so far.

Pressure and tightness are still there. Attaching some photos and some before and after pic in the same shirt!!!

Post op day 2! loving my new ladies!

Day two has been MUCH easier than day 1. I can lift my arms a lot easier than yesterday. last night was rough though. I slept in longer intervals but woke up with the most intense pain ive had yet. Prob my fault for sleeping through my pain med alarm. after I took those and another muscle relaxer I was fine.

I don't think I'm suppose to take my bra off until tonight but it was sooo tight I took it off for a minute to breathe and try on some bathing suit tops. Its back on now and secure as hell. They are super high up on my chest when I tried on a more fitted shirt you really couldn't tell I had anything =[. I think once all that drops and fluffs that will change.

i'm on my own today, since hubs had to go back to work and I've been doing fine alone so far. Our 3 year old comes home tomorrow and he is very clingy to me, and just rough in general (little boy). I'm nervous about that but I will have the hubs help for two days then i'm on my own with the toddler. I hope/think ill be okay by then.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!!


Today I am 3 days post op and still in love with my new girls. Obsessed. I know they have a long way to do still.

On a pain level, its definitely still there. I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance but I do find myself extremely uncomfortable a lot. still keeping up with the medication. I took my first shower, which ended up being a bath and my husband had to bathe me. Maybe I'm just being a huge baby but I cant roll my shoulders back yet.

I was hoping for some pain improvement from yesterday to day but there doesn't seem to be much. the biggest difference is that I can lift my arms each day easier than the day before. Tomorrow I have my toddler on my own for the first time for a couple hours while the hubs goes to work, and I'm so nervous.

Ive seen a lot of swelling go down over the past day, I am posting an update so you can see as well. My husband said he loves them and thinks they look amazing for 3 days post op. when I was bathing earlier it was uncomfortable bc it felt like my implant might come through the incision, which I know isn't the case. I was glad to put the post op bra back on!

Thank you SO much to everyone who is posting updates and helping me through recovery. This site is so helpful and I'm so glad i'm not going through this alone. Happy recovery to all and hugs!

POD 4 turning day for me

Today has been the easiest day of recovery. I have stopped all my pain meds. With the exception of muscle relaxer at night. I experienced what I think was "morning boob" this AM. It went away quickly.

Today I drove for the first time, went and got my hair done, cooked, and went to Walmart to buy some cheap bras that I could wear in the mean time (and as little bralettes). I showered all by myself, took care of my toddler, and did my make up (kindof).

I found 2 of these bras at Walmart for $1!!! And they are so comfortable. The material of them all is so soft and gentle. None of them bother my incisions. I am wearing the thicker black one for now. I had to wash my recovery bra and my post op paper work says I am allowed to switch out if comfortable. The white bra clasps in the back and I will be going to get one in every color bc I'm obsessed with it so much. It feels amazing and has just enough padding that my nips won't show. I will b going to VS to get fitted but I won't be doing that til much later (after I d&f a little). I hateeeee the recovery bra so much it hurts my ribs and no matter how loose squeezes my boobs!

I was so discouraged at the slow progress yesterday I am so happy to be hitting a turning point. And everyone will recover at a different rate. Just remember it WILL get better. Hugs to all and ask any questions !


Things are still going great. Only difference today is more sharp pains in my right nipple. The are quick but holy cow they hurt. Then I have my left boob that sometimes feels like there's a cellphone on vibrate in it. Literally. I don't have all my feeling back in that boob yet but I do feel the vibrations.

Even though it's only day 5 they have dropped a little and swelling is really going down. I wanted to share the POD 1 versus POD 5 (today) that I took this AM.

Sleeping on my back at an angle is really annoying and I'm not good at it. Still taking the muscle relaxer at night to help with that but I do wake up with intense morning boob. It goes away quickly though.

I have my post op tomorrow and will update again after that. Hope everyone is doing well and ask any questions you may have !

11 days with boobies

life with boobs has been wonderful. my husband is in love with them just as much as I am. I love his excitement too. he was iffy about this in the beginning so seeing him so happy is great! as far as my boobs, they are slowly dropping. I am wearing my high impact sports bra at night and some days, if I am doing a lot. its really hard to tell myself to slow down sometimes. my nipples are hypersensitive. no nipple play right now, feels like knives if they are touched but the shooting pains have stopped. I notice my muscles get sore if I do too much. went bathing suit shopping yesterday at target and found they now carry their xhilaration line in a size d/dd!!! these are perfect bc they all have an adjustable bandwidth (from 30-38 I think). at first I was trying on the cup sized bras, and those have the shells and look so bad on me right now with them being a tad high (right is dropping a tad faster than left boob). and then I tried on some XL before I saw the d/dd size and those were too big around.

all in all, its been amazing, all but 1 of my steri strips have come off and I will now be looking into scar therapy. open to any suggestions if anyone has any!!! thank you all for being so awesome and encouraging throughout this process, it has helped tremendously. all questions welcomed as well!!! hugs yall!!

2 weeks post op + bump in road to recovery????

2 weeks post op still loving my boobs. I still have hypersensitivity but it is decreasing. I went for my 2 week post op yesterday and got my sutures removed + learned the massages. Everything went great, left boob dropping at slower rate still. I was cleared for gym w light workouts. No upper body. Obviously.

Unfortunately today has been different for me. I started developing some slight burning sensation on my right incision (same spot where sutures were pulled) and then some pretty bad pain later in the day at that site. I lifted up my right boob to look at it and noticed what looks like a tiny "monders cord" starting. From what I've read, it's nothing to worry about but it really freaks me out... nothing was red (yet, knock on wood!) so I'm hoping this Is normal. However can't keep thinking maybe I over did it bc I felt so good? I don't know but I'm hoping for the best and hope everyone is recovering well!

Regardless, I do still love them. I was aware of risks when I choose to do this and feel amazing about the decision and PS I choose. Just a bump in the road to recovery which I am still on and have to remember that!

3 weeks 3days post op

I'm feeling almost 100% back to normal now. After the pain in my right incision, it went away within a day or two and the same thing happened in the other boob. Then some underboob tenderness occurred and finally went away.

I feel like they are dropping but at a very slow rate. I got sized at VS as a 32DDD (or 34DD-sister size). I measured in between the 32 DD and DDD so we tried on a bunch of both sizes and the DDD was perfect. I absolutely love the size of my new boobs, they are larger than average but I have wide shoulders so it looks very proportionate.

The past few days I've been in just bathing suits and no issues. Some days I don't wear a bra but at night I do wear a good sports bra so they don't fall to my sides when I sleep. Still trying to stay on my back but I'll wake up a couple times on my side and forget.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out. I can't thank oh all enough for all the support and encouragement during this time!

6 weeks PO with 520ccs.. and they finally dropped more :)

SO IN LOVEEEE!!! The more time that goes by, the more I love them. They have dropped a really good bit since my last review! I'm so happy with where they are right now. I went to my 6 week post op this week and my PS said everything looked great and that they will prob drop a little more over the next 6 months but that most of the dropping has occurred.

I'm sleeping on my side a lot now, cleared to do light arm workouts. I don't do heavy arm lifting anymore anyways. All my other gym routines are back to normal and I feel 0 discomfort.

I don't wear bras a lot now. I love the shape it gives me in clothes even if I don't have cleavage showing or skin tight shirts. Sometimes I worry my old baggy shirts (from hiding the fact that I had no boobies) make me look bigger but that may just be me. No complaints here though.

I'm 100% more confident about myself. My husband sees it too. I hate if this is shallow, but I do feel more "womanly". I don't think you need boobs to feel like a woman but for myself, it does help me. I feel sexy and my husband won't keep his hands off me. :)

Time for an update :)

Getting close to 3 months post op and I'm still SO in love with my boobs! I love where they are right now and think my plastic surgeon did a perfect job. Still doing massages. They are soft and squishy. My incisions are healed so perfect my gyno even commented on them when I went for my pap a month ago. She and the med student were in awe of how clean cut the incision was and how healed I was.
Augusta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ewart was the only PS I had a consultation with for my breast augmentation. I didn't feel the need to "shop around" for plastic surgeons because I was 100% comfortable with him and his work. I was so comfortable that I scheduled my surgery before leaving that day. Picking a size was easy with the Vectra imaging simulator he offers. Dr. Ewart and his staff did an amazing job informing me all about the procedure and process along the way. I am more than happy with my results!

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