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I'm 40 and have spent most of my life on the...

I'm 40 and have spent most of my life on the beach and in the sun. I've developed a few brown spots and some broken capillaries on my face which I wanted gone.

A few years ago I was seeing a dermatologist who hired one of his patients to do his IPL work. Not knowing better, and trusting my doctor to have hired competent staff, I signed up for the four treatments the IPL "nurse" recommended. It cost me $1000 and after each treatment you couldn' tell I had anything done. Again, not knowing any better I thought this was normal. In the end it did nothing but worsen my brown spots and redness. I did not research the procedure but simply trusted my dr. He didn't even offer any touch-up.

Since then, I have switched dermatologists (the first one didn't even apologize when I expressed my concern that his IPL did nothing but make everything worse). My new dermatologist is an absolute go-getter and is on top of everything. Her staff is great and really knows what they are doing. They said I'd only need one treatment to clear up my "issues" which I had done three days ago. It was a night-and-day different experience than my first one. This one hurt quite a bit (I'm not complaining though because I know they actually did something) and I have some swelling and redness. I can already see the capillaries fading and some of my brown spots have scabbed over. The nurse also told me to give the healing process four weeks and offered to do touch-up if necessary as sometimes the capillaries can be stubborn.

I definitely recommend having IPL but recommend learning how the procedure works and what questions to ask. This procedure is only as good as the staff performing it.

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