Terrible result with Dr. Stephen Zucker in South Bend, IN - He wanted another $5000 to correct the deformed look

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I had TT and lipo on the flanks 3 months back on...

I had TT and lipo on the flanks 3 months back on January 17th. My flanks are bulging out really bad and initially PS told me it is swelling. Now he says that there is extra skin on the sides that needs removal and have to extend the incision to do that and it will cost me more money. I feel absolutely devastated! I did SO MUCH research before going ahead with this procedure and PS and never expected this outcome. Why was I not told about this possibility initially itself?

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am...

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am waiting for a response to my e-mail. I cant believe that a seemingly very nice doctor, who is board certified, who has been doing this for a long time, from whom I asked a lot of questions before proceeding with the procedure could ask me to pay for this without even batting an eyelid. I plan on writing a very poor review of him if he does not rectify this in a justified manner. Right now, I am feeling just so down. I knew walking into this to expect the unexpected, but the sheer unfairness of the whole thing makes me feel so defeated.

OK, I could update. :):

OK, I could update. :):

Ladies, on second thoughts, I am wondering whether...

Ladies, on second thoughts, I am wondering whether I should even go ahead with this PS for revision even if he decides not to charge me? I mean, I feel that I absolutely cannot trust this PS anymore. What do you all think? What would you do if I were you?

I can't believe that this happened to me after I took so much precaution to avoid doing any mistakes on my part. So much so, I even paid $80 for a medical research article to look into the procedure in detail. It just goes to show that there is so much that we CAN do to avoid this. I mean, I am not an unusual case with so much excess skin, or weight loss issues or subsequent skin laxity or anything like that. Am just about to turn 40 and was 110 when in school and now 119. He told met that the reason he did not recommend me an extended incision was that it is too risky (not a work of such an incision was mentioned at the first consult let alone risks) and that since I lay face up in when doing the surgery, he cannot very well cut my behind. Who does he think he is fooling I do not know. I cant believe the last time I felt this sad. My husband is SO supportive which helps so much. He is coming out with all kind of reasons why I should look at the brighter side.

I sent an e-mail inquiry about this recommended...

I sent an e-mail inquiry about this recommended further surgery for which he wants me to pay (yet to know how much) to the manager of the practice on the 19th of April and am STILL waiting on a result. I suppose now I am of no importance since the money has been paid?

Followed up with another e-mail yesterday, no response till today evening and gave a call. She said she will come back to me TOMORROW and the doc had been busy and could not look into my issue.

What can I say? Its very painful when people do this to you.

How can I find a doctor that I can trust to do the revision?

After putting it off for several months because I was too upset to face it, I wen to see my PC 2 days back and guess what?? he wants me to pay him $5000 to correct this problem because he insists that this is a totally different surgery which does not have anything to do with what he has already done. I spoke with the business manager and told her everything I feel in a very calm manner. I told her that nothing they can say can convince me that, and I have done my research enough that I am fairly well informed of the procedure, that I am absolutely dissapointed in them that they think I can be fooled this way, that I am totally NOT interested because I have absolutely lost my trust in the doctor etc. etc. I showed her my result and asked her whether she can tell me with a straight face that this is a satisfactory result. I came back home.

Received a (rather terse) call from teh manager the following day that she discussed my concerns with the doctor and he has agreed to waiver his fee and do the surgery for $1500. ha!

I am convinced that I cannot proceed with him. I have totally lost my trust in the guy that there is no way I will allow him to work on my body when I am in a helpless state. Now my biggest problem is, HOW CAN I FIND SOMEONE that will really know what he is doing? I mean, I checked this guy's website, he has 12 great reviews (albeit without pictures) so I feel, just because he/she has given answers in this website, has a great website with pictures, has reviews, that does not mean ANYTHING.

Pls. let me know what you all think. I can't take a chance with another doctor again without being confident that he will really get it right.

Have to re-do this all over again!

I have decided to proceed with my review and name the doctor. I just looked at some of the pictures I took last week and I want to cry. I just cannot believe that the doctor thought this is a successful result. Just look at the picture of my backside. I think it is very important that other people are aware of cases like mine before they decide to proceed with a doctor. I know for a fact that if I came across pictures of a result like mine, I would not have dreamt of going to this doctor. Some of the information I am writing below are repetitions of my prior posts. I wanted to write the story in a bit more detail in one go without periodic updates so bear with me please.

I am 118 petite women of 5.2'. Dr. Zucker performed an abdominoplasty and lipo on the flanks for which I paid him $7500. Surgery performed on January 2013. You can see my end result from the pictures. T

As you can see from my pre-op pictures, I just had a bit of loose skin and flab on the sides. I have never been obese. Before I decided to do this procedure, I did a LOT of research. So much so, that I even ended up purchasing a medical article to read about some actual research conducted on the procedure. I asked Dr. Zucker various questions. Before I signed up, I was told that if any revisions needs to be done, it will be done at no cost for me. This Dr. had all the good credentials at first glance. Board certified, over 30 years in the practice, several good reviews (albeit without any pictures) etc. I honestly did not think that things will go this horribly wrong or that he will chose to treat me the way he did.

The procedure and the recovery went without any incident or issues. The Dr. was reachable, response time was quick. However, from the beginning, I noticed that my sides still look very flabby and that there is still quite a bit of loose skin. I raised this with the Dr. first post op appointment and subsequently everyday thereafter. Every time, he told me that it is swelling.

On or around the 3rd month post op appointment, he told me that there seems to be extra skin on the side that needs to be removed. On that day he told me that he needs to make my incision longer from the sides to remove them and that he could not do it at the time he performed the abdominoplasty because I was lying face up and he cannot perform on my back in that position. Having seen so many pictures and having read other women's stories about extended incisions, I thought to myself at the time, what kind of a ridiculous explanation is this? He also told me that a dog ear removal will not help in my case because I have a lot of skin on the sides and it is not really a dog ear issue. He told me on that day that I will have to pay for this surgery because it does not have anything to do with what I paid him for. Was told I will be given a quote later when the practice manager is available. I was absolutely devastated and could not believe my ears. I came home and sent a nice e-mail to them to re-consider this explaining that I was NEVER at any point informed that I might be looking at this kind of complication. I had to wait nearly a month to receive a response to this. I was asked to come and see him again so that he can explain the procedure to me in person.

Last Monday, I went to see the Dr. He looked at my result, did some markings on me and again said further skin needs to be removed from the sides which will be done by extending my incision to the back. I only asked him one question. I asked him whether he considers my result to be the ultimate satisfactory abdominoplasty result for which I initially consulted him and paid him for, and without batting an eyelid, he said 'yes'. I then met with the Practice Manager (who also happens to be his sister) who quoted me a fee of (get ready for this!!!!!) $5000 to perform a surgery by the name of 'dermolipectomy' which is identified as a 'surgical procedure to correct protruding or loose, sagging skin of the bilateral flanks and back' in the quote. She said it is 10% off of their normal rate of $5,590! I very calmly told her that I am not at all interested and that I am absolutely flabbergasted that they think they can do this to me. I told her that walking into this surgery, I did a lot of research about the procedure etc. and have seen hundreds of other results and NOTHING they say can convince me that this is something totally separate from what I paid him for. I told her that I have absolutely lost my trust in Dr. Zucker and I am so sad that he chose to treat me this way.

On the following day, I received a call from the practice manager that she spoke with the Dr. about my concerns and he agreed to waive his fee for the surgery and will do so for a fee of $1500!!!

There it is! I do not need to say a lot because I think pictures speak for themselves. I honestly liked this doctor initially and I thought he is a nice person. As far as the surgery is concerned, his incision is very good, and my front is pretty ok. Did not have any other complications other than fluid accumulation and he removed them promptly. In my opinion however, his aftercare is not the best in terms of scar treatment etc. He did not recommend any scar treatment or anything like that. I did not mind that because I read a lot about the surgery beforehand and was well prepared on my own. I am still in shock that a seemingly nice person (I know appearances can be deceptive but...) will slap my intelligence by trying to convince me that this result does not have anything to do with his performance! I feel as though that his explanation seems to be that, somehow this is my fault that I have loose skin on the side and if I want them removed, I better pay him for that! Why was I NEVER told ANYTHING about an extended incision initially itself? So, his attitude seems to infer that abdominoplasty surgery only address your front and if you end up looking deformed (which I am now because now I do not have flabby skin in front but do so on the sides) because your front skin is removed, then you need additional surgery to remove your sides which does not have anything to do with abdominoplasty (I know it sounds weird) and you will have to pay the doctor additionally for that! I feel more offended because I feel that he thinks I am that stupid to buy into that!

I know that he agreed to perform the second surgery at lesser cost after I gave them a piece of my mind, but there is no way I can do so with Dr. Zucker under these circumstances. I have no respect or trust on him anymore and it is not like getting your car fixed, that if I am to allow a person to work on my body, I should be able to trust that person, that he will look after my best interests. I am thinking what is there to prevent him from messing that as well and then coming out with some out of this world, irrational explanation as to how it is the way it is? Thanks to him, I will have to end up spending more or less the same amount of money as an original abdominoplasty, trying to rectify this mess because I cannot just let it be like this. I am devastated! I hate looking at myself in the mirror, get so upset every time I think about it! If he just told me that, 'it seems that some more skin needs to be removed from the sides, and we shall perform a revision on you for just the cost of anesthesia and facility fee' I would not feel as bad as I do now. I don't even mind if he did not acknowledge any mistake in his part, though I feel convinced that this is absolutely his error of judgement in performance that I ended up with this result. I understand that things can go wrong sometimes and if he had been more professional and reasonable about it, I would have born the disappointment of going through another surgery. But it is my opinion that this explanation and this manner of dealing with the mess he made is preposterous!

Now the issue is, how to find a doctor I can trust to rectify this mess? I feel that I CANNOT rely on what is there on these doctors websites, the online reviews, board certification. This doctor had all that.


Terrible result with Dr. Zucker in South Bend, Indiana

I am unable to update doctor's name and write the review under his profile. This does not seem to give me the option of changing his name other than change my review of him.

I might have to end up opening another profile if this cannot be sorted. Anyone has any idea

Terrible result with Dr. Zucker in South Bend - He initially wanted me to pay $5000 more to correct his mess.

Still have not found a doctor to do the revision. My mind keeps shunning acting on it and my eyes keep avoiding looking at my tummy. Have stopped using scar treatment products because I feel that it is pointless dealing with the scar with such a appearance like this.

Terrible result with Dr. Zucker in South Bend - He initially wanted me to pay $5000 more to correct his mess.

I find it VERY interesting that my review appears the last in his profile in Realself whereas others that are shorter and older appears first. Realself seems to sort them in some order and by default comes as 'featured' reviews. I am interested in knowing how they sort out what should be 'featured' first. Very disappointing. I would have thought realself want people to know the truth and be unbiased.

Terrible result with Dr. Zucker in South Bend, IN - He initially wanted me to pay $5000 more to correct the deformed look

Yet to find a doctor to correct the mess. SO HARD to overcome the trust issue now. As I mentioned above, I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions before I chose this poor excuse of a plastic surgery doc. My sides look worse with time since the skin slackens more and seem to be now hanging more prominently over the cut.

Stephen Zucker's mess to be corrected

I have finally decided in a physician and have a surgery date. Dr. David Shiffrin of Chicago. Of course he is very pleasant to talk to but I will only really judge him AFTER the procedure depending on the outcome, since I know appearances are deceptive. I decided on him completely based on the reviews here WHICH CONTAINED PICTURES!! Ladies, lesson number one. DO NOT trust the reviews without. They MAY and may not be true ones. The ONLY way you can decide on a doctor is either by seeing results in someone you know or by seeing it in a forum like this. I will post pictures later but I look WORSE now with my side bulges. Going to do back lip, a posterior body lift, flank and abdomen lipo. Will cost close close to 10 grand. Dr. David is expensive but I dont think I have a choice. Please wish me luck.

Stephen Zucker's mess corrected

I finally got the revision done day before yesterday. Went to Dr. Shifrin in Chicago who conducted a posterior body lift to remove the excess skin on the sides along with liposuction of the back, the tummy and lowered the scar. It does not hurt as much as last time since no muscle repair but am taking one capsule of the pain medication. Will post pictures later.

Post op today

Went to see doc. Saw the results (as they are at this point) for the first time. I am containing myself from getting excited till I see myself 3 month down the line. After the dash of hopes the first time around, so scared, though it does indeed look good. My husband said the same.

I know I should take pictures. I have not, as yet.

Doc said I can take head wash now. I do have one drain he dd not remove. He will do so on next Wednesday. Dread the 2 1/2 drive to Chicago though. Hate troubling my husband though he has been SO sweet about everything.

Biggest complaint right now is the itching. I just can't bear it. Doc said to use benedryl cream, but I itch all over. I took a pain pill though I am not in real pain, I do not feel the itching as much when I use that.
South Bend Plastic Surgeon

First check my pictures by clicking on the blue title link. I paid Dr. Zucker for abdominoplasty and lipo of the flanks and I feel that I am left with a deformed looking result. I have a lot of skin left on my flanks and according to him, it does not have anything to do with what I paid him for, and I will need to pay him an ADDITIONAL $5000 to remove the skin on the sides, which amount he reduced to $1500 when I gave him a piece of my mind. He said that since I was laying face up, he could not perform on my sides and could not have avoided this and now, to rectify this mess, he will have to extend my incision and remove more skin from the sides. He also acknowledged that my issue is not a simple dog ear removal. At no point before the 3 month post op appointment was I ever told of any such option of an extended incision nor a possible outcome like this. His nurses kept assuring me that he is such a perfectionist and I shall be so happy with my result. I have been concerned of the appearance of my sides after the operation and raised this with him from day one, but he kept telling me that it is the swelling. Finally, only after the 3 months post-op appointment, he admitted that the appearance is less than satisfactory but totally refused to take any responsibility for it. He stuck to his story that as far as the tummy tuck is concerned, I have a very satisfactory result. I leave it to you all to decide by looking at my pictures. Please click on the blue link which contains the title to this review which will take you to my complete review which contains the pictures. I initially liked Dr. Zucker and was absolutely devastated and taken aback with the way he handled this situation. Even though he agreed to perform the revision (which he insisted is NOT a revision but a totally separate procedure) for a lesser cost, I have absolutely lost all the trust and respect I had for this physician and would not trust him with my body again. Now I will have to spend close to what I already paid him for to get this corrected, which is such a sad situation.

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