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My expectations before my breast augmentation...

My expectations before my breast augmentation were; I was not going to be able to afford it, I would look too top heavy or it would not be proportional to my body, and that it would cause back pain because of the extra weight. Dr. Zucker and his staff made sure that I was able to afford the procedure and worked with me. Also he provided his opinion on what size would fit my body, made sure that they looked natural and what I wanted. After the procedure, Dr. Zucker and his staff made sure I was comfortable and the added weight of my chest does not hurt my back or weigh me down in any way. I can now walk with pride and I am no longer self-conscious about my body. I can wear that sexy bikini I always wanted to wear and can wear my wedding dress without the padded bra! I am completely satisfied with Dr. Zucker’s work and recommend anyone looking for a positive life changing procedure!
South Bend Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zucker is friendly and professional. He addressed any concerns I had and made me feel comfortable. I honestly did not have to ask any questions because he took the time to talk to me and address everything. Dr. Zucker also had one of his nurses drive an hour away to my house after the procedure to make sue I didn't drive, that I was comfortable and my incisions were fine. He has helped me fulfill my long time dream of looking the way I imagined myself.

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