Think Carefully About Your Next Chemical Peel! - South Africa, ZA

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OMW! this has got to be one of the most unexpected...

OMW! this has got to be one of the most unexpected things that has happened to me...especially after the reason one does does a chemical peel is for your skin to look rejuvenated and clear of all unsightly marks. After my peel, my face is so badly hyperpigmented that I am becoming self concsious and depressed. I wish I did not have to go out in public. It is now 20 days since my chemical peel was done. I was not prone to wearing a foundation in the past but now I feel I cannot face the public without a thick layer of make-up.The dark patches are mostly around my cheekbones and chin area. The cream I am using is to lighten the marks and I am supposed to wait for 8 more days to see real results of this cream.What else can I do but wait.If anybody out there has had a similar experience , please let me know or better still..a cure

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