My Breast Reduction - South Africa, ZA

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So far I have debated doing this until I found a...

So far I have debated doing this until I found a doctor who explained to me that it's not that scary. I would benefit more from it more than I am suffering at the moment. I was always large breasted and now I'm going down to a "B/C" cup, I can't wait. Speaking to the doctor on the surgery and the reasons why I want it, he was able to give me a realistic review of what to expect afterwards, immediately and in the long term. I would be able to have no more shoulder pain, no more headaches/ migraines, no more back pain, my posture would improve and I could go back to dancing. So I decided I was doing it! I booked my date for 3 months after first consult so that the entire team could prepare properly. I have a complicated medical history so I had a few more specialists join the team to help manage me. So far all is going great and on track. Chat soon
Dr Leon Dumas

He has been great. He spoke to me, looked me in my eyes not my boobs! The only time he looked at them was for the assessment. He took me and my concerns seriously and reassured me that he would keep me safe and do an amazing job. He has answered all my questions honestly without hiding anything. He is really awesome.

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