38 Years Old, Breastfed 3 Kids, 5'8" and 130lbs, and 350cc - South Africa, ZA

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I finally took the plunge in March to schedule...

I finally took the plunge in March to schedule consultations with 3 surgeons. My appointments were all in May and I selected the same surgeon who performed a lump removal on my mom. We set the surgery in September as we were going on holiday for the summer. I also hadn't told my parents and I planned the surgery for after my mom visited us. We live overseas and get to take benefit of some great surgeons at a lower cost. Ultimately after telling my parents I changed my surgery to 22nd Aug.
I'm so thankful my mom is here to help me and my hubby with our family post operation. She went with me today to one last check in with my dr to finalize size and profiles. I'm most happy with 350cc round high profile implant. My dr is also having 325 and 375 in theatre to check while in surgery. I showed him wish boob pics and one or two examples of what I didn't want.
I also got my mammogram in and ultrasound too. Thankful it was clear with the exception of a small node that is benign. But this provides me a good baseline for future mammograms after implants.
Overall I'm so excited, love my dr and nervous too about Monday. I'm including a pic from my doctor of my "before" and also two with sizers.
Love your feedback. I have really gotten a lot from reading the reviews on this site too!

Tomorrow's the day!

Getting ready for bed before the big day tomorrow. I still am in shock that it is finally happening. Praying for a good surgery and great result!! I had to take some more before photos just for tracking. Any body actually sleep the night before their surgery day?

Surgery complete!

I'm on the other side and so happy. I can't really see them yet but the profile in the bandaging looks good. I'm staying in hospital for the night which is amazing. I'm having a lot of pressure in the chest and some soreness near the armpit. I can move my arms but not reach overhead. The drains are a bit gross and were uncomfortable when they remove the blood. I apparently will still have these when I go home tomorrow. Anyone else have drains?

Oh my doctor is going to start me off on massaging the breasts tomorrow morning. Then I can head home and let my mom and hubby help me with the recovery!

I don't know if he will take the bandages fully off tomorrow if I still have the drains. Really wanting to see the girls!!

What to tell the kids and Day two update

Okay so we didn't tell our kids anything other than I needed to have surgery. But having drains really makes it visible. I have a child in elementary school and two in preschool. I really don't care if parents find out but I would prefer to tell them versus their kids coming home from school saying "johnny's mommy got surgery on her breasts". Any words of wisdom ladies?

My drains don't come out till Tuesday and same with bandages, unless I have a minimal amount of liquid and then I can go in earlier. I'm hoping for that. The doctor gave my husband the massages to do and wow are they painful. It is to keep the risk down for capsular contracture. I'll be sure to take my pain meds before.

Overall I have no nausea, just very sore under the arm but trying to move my arms so they don't get stiff. I can also feel tenderness as the incision site in the crease of the boob. But that is less painful.

I hope all the August ladies are doing well getting ready for surgery or in recovery.

Pain and then relief!

Yesterday was I started off having a good day. I'm staying on my meds (antibiotics, pain, probiotics and a sleep Med). Then halfway through the day my left arm started bothering me and losing feeling as well as my left breast. My husband ended up taking me to my PS office at night to get it checked out. The drain was pushing on my nerve. He had to cut one of the stitches, move the drain and then manipulate the implant. Wow it was freaky but I feel so much better now! Hoping the drains will come out before Tuesday because this plaster or bandage is driving me nuts!!

Did anyone else have this long wait? How did you wash your hair without any pain?

First look of new breasts!

I got to see my new girls yesterday after having a terrible reaction to the bandaging or rather the glue in the bandages. My doctor's nurse removed the bandages (still have the drains) and covered the incisions with a different dressing. Finally getting to wear a bra and actually see my new shape. I'll be so happy to be free of the drains but apparently I'm not eating enough protein and drinking too many fluids to aid the clotting and healing. I'm strictly following the rules and already see a difference in my counts after a full day. Overall I'm not having a ton of pain, I get those zingers in my right breasts every so often and if I stretch too far it pulls on my incision. I'm so nervous about my mom leaving on Monday. She has been a huge help with our family and I'm going to miss her!

Now I have a house to myself to rest and watch chick flicks for the afternoon!

Adding some before and after pics

Adding my before pics right before surgery and then my doctors pic in surgery of final size 375 cc silicone implants.

Please take these drains out!

My post op appointment is tomorrow and I am really hoping the drains will come out. I'm officially one week post surgery today but I still have double the fluid amount he wants me to be at to remove the drains. My levels haven't changed in three days. They are what is painful my breast feel fine except the side/bottom where the drains sit. On a positive note I don't get all the swelling.

But I still have sensitivity to the bandages over the drains. I'm apparently allergic. Hydrocortisone creme helps a ton.

It would just be nice not to have this silly thing attached and why I can't go anywhere either!

I'll post an update tomorrow and hopefully including pictures with no drains.

One week post op!

Yay one week after surgery and feeling much better just getting my drains out. I was so nervous it was going to hurt and actually didn't at all. The manipulation of the breast to clear any remaining fluid though did hurt. My husband was looking a little concerned when the dr was removing a few stitches, then the drain, and excess fluid before putting on an ointment and steri strip. They feel so nice now! I love them. The right one is a bit more swollen but the dr said it has to do with the drain pushing out the breast a bit. He is awesome, Dr Ralph Schroder. Love his beside manner, he really takes time with his patients and cares about his work. Very adamant about a good diet post op and good scar treatment too. Next week I go for last stitches to be removed and then will start scar creme. I still have to rest the new few days and keep up the high protein diet to ensure no fluid buildup. All good here so far!
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