The Time Has Finally Come, Can't Wait but a Bitt Nervous - South Africa, ZA

I have been thinking about this procedure for...

I have been thinking about this procedure for years now, I am in Africa,and having mine done in South Africa. I have been thinking abouth things like what if i don't wake up after the surgery since i have never been under anaesthesia before. but i did my research and found that anaesthesia is safe, the thing i should worry more about is the actual surgery complication.

So right now i am excited and looking foward to the surgery. I just can't help thinking about how miserable shopping is for me, I try on clothes and when i look in the mirror oh owful, and I take it back, whilst for some women with nice shape it can be lots of fun.

Instead of going through this, living like this my whole I have made a decision to go through with the procedure once and for all. I just can't wait. Especially after seeing the results that you guys have' i just have to do it.

I am doing mine in south africa, It has become very popular here as well. i will post my before pics just two days before the surgery, and after pictures after that. Guys please with me luck.

Tell me has any of you ever did this procedure and had their breast lipored? If so how did you sleep on your tummy? Also what happens if you start exercising again, do you lose all the fat injected or you just lose in the other areas?

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I looked for a surgeon who has perfomed this procedure several times before, registered with the Board of Certified Surgeons .

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