Be Careful when Selecting Physician, in Wrong Hands Pearl Can Ruin Your Looks! - South Africa, Pretoria

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Be extremely careful when getting Pearl fractional...

Be extremely careful when getting Pearl fractional done. I had it done 4 years ago and the grid pattern, although vastly improved, NEVER disappeared completely. Unfortunately my physician (a well known aesthetic practitioner and GP with her own aesthetic practice in one of the wealthy neighborhoods in Pretoria) went way too deep with the laser. I wanted to get rid of some light pigmentation, but instead I also ended up with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation in addition to the permanent pattern etched on my face.

I'm still angry and disappointed in my physician, even after all these years, because she was the one who suggestion the treatment that I now realize, in retrospect, was not indicated at all for a 20 year old with PERFECT skin apart from a tiny bit of pigmentation! Didn't help that she also lied to another patient who had just undergone the treatment right in front of me! When the lady asked me why I had Pearl done and whether I was happy with my result, my physician quickly interrupted her and told her that I used to have acne scarring (lie, I had baby smooth skin!) and that the treatment worked great!!! So much for the Hippocratic Oath, it means nothing to some of these aesthetic practitioners!

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Well known physician, though she knew what she was doing.

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