Ive Had Lipo to my Neck, Lower Abs, and Love Handles .... Expected Results?

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I have recently (1 week ago) had liposuction to my...

i have recently (1 week ago) had liposuction to my full neckline, my love handle area, lower abs, and the line extending from my bellybutton to my sternum.

Now, to start i wasnt really fat or chubby or anything. I gym 5 times a week. The purpose of the lipo was to enhance certain areas i could not reduce through exercise. I can see a bit of a change on my love handle area and lower abs and a bit of the place between my bellybutton and sternum although its not very pronounced.

My neck looks pretty much the same. The purpose of the lipo to my full neck was to have a more defined jawline... at this stage i see small differences in my abs and love handles and very subtle difference to my neck.

When would I be able to see some decent results or would I need a 2nd op? thanks

How soon can one go for a 2nd lipo procedure on the same area after having a procedure done?
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