Got Smart Lipo Yesterday!

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I was so nervous going into it because I read so...

I was so nervous going into it because I read so many different reviews on here and not one was alike. Anyhow, I got there they prepped me by taking my blood pressure yada yada then they took my pictures, after wards I had to take about 5 pills which would help me relax and prevent any nausea. After they let that sit in it was time to go back to have my procedure. He cleaned me up with some solution which was fine but after that The first part HURT I'm not going to lie. They give you shots to numb the area and they hurt when they stick you and hurt when it goes in because it's like a burning sensation after they numb you they use the little device to poke the wholes in your skin when the Cannula or w/e it's called goes in so they can numb you up, that's not pleasurable at all. Once that part is done you feel & look like a ballon but your totally numb so it's not a huge deal, after that they use the laser which isn't bad and then suck all the fat out afterwards.. There's not much pain during this part but trust me you do know someone is doing something in there! But overall after you get pass the numbing stage is fine the tools they use are a little intimidating but don't let them freak you out.

Today I'm sore idk how to describe it it hurts some but not terribly bad, it's hard to get in and out of bed. But I did shower and took off the garment they put on me. I do see a noticeable difference in my body from yesterday though which I'm very excited about. So we'll see how I look through out the days, weeks, months.

I have no regrets at all!

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