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Overall, my experience with Dr. Soler-Baillo was excellent, below are pros and cons from my experience. I had a TT with muscle repair done after a virtual consultation. Pros: - Virtual consultation was surprisingly effective and unhurried. Dr. spent 15 minutes longer than the allotted time chatting and answering questions. - Price was great. I got a special on the ResultsMD website for a discount TT which was at least a thousand dollars cheaper than he usually did. - Staff if amazing. Every medical professional at this office is kind and knowledgeable. - Scar is already straight and neat, belly button is better than it was when I checked in. - Doctor was very picky about Nurse Anesthetists and only allows a handful from his partner organization touch patients. This was a big deal to me as I'm well aware of how deadly anesthesia can be if administered improperly. Cons - Like any outpatient procedure, you'll be sent on your way shortly after you wake up. However, I felt like I was kicked out a bit too shortly after I woke up. I was still foggy enough that I couldn't make sentences or keep my eyes open for very long when I was hoisted out of my chair. I wish I could have spent at least 45 minutes awake, fully coming out of anesthesia so I had a better bearing on what was happening when I left. Because of this, a lot of post-op instructions were lost in translation and led to a few follow up calls. - Physical privacy is not a high priority at this office which I would guess it's not for most plastic surgeons. When I was undressed, the door was opened many times during my initial exam and suture-removal visit for additional nurses or staff. The door was open once, while I was uncovered and a male office worker passed by. While there was never a point that I felt violated or mistreated in any way, modesty was not something that was considered during my visits.

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