Office Review: Find Another Dentist!! - Soldotna, AK

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Dr. Hu/staff schedule appointments without patient...

Dr. Hu/staff schedule appointments without patient input, give referrals to specialist whom he later says are bad, charges 'no show' fees even if you cancel in advance, charges 'no show' fees if you do not return his calls, does not personally return calls even when requested, office turn over is high (hmm), some office staff is rude and cannot justify their policies (DJ), cancels some of his appointments due to double booking, second opinions differ from his, drops patients who question his policies... My family and I will look elsewhere for a quality dentist who does not engage in questionable practices!
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Dr. Hu and his staff are beyond emotionally sensitive! If you point out their ridiculous policies, that their staff are rude, that they still owe you work, that you need to reschedule, that you are frustrated with their having to cancel appointments, that second opinions differ from theirs, or anything else that does not stroke their egos or is aligned to their ideas, you will be charged frivolously, Dr. Hu will not call you back (unless you write a true/poor review on a website like this), they will give you the run-around to conclude business with them (i.e., no one person will work with you as a will have to describe the problem to a different person every time. I have already talked to at least 7 people trying to put this terrible experience behind me!), and they will say how sad and emotionally hurt they are because you do not do and say what they want. I will NOT recommend that anyone go to Dr. Hu's office! Save yourself the time, expense, and frustration...go elsewhere!! is this business still operational?

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