I Am Sold on This Treatment!

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At 37 years of age, I was developing a deep furrow...

At 37 years of age, I was developing a deep furrow between my brows. Every look of surprise or exasperation was permanently etching deep lines across my forehead. I was developing a permanent frown. The worst part was that even happiness was forming ugly lines around my eyes! I feel so much better now. For the first few days I had a headache, but it wasn't unbearable. Since then I have felt younger than I have in years. I believe that the fact that my face would settle into an angry look at rest was affecting me psychologically. I don't know how long this will last, but I will be going back. The areas that were treated on my face were my forehead, brows (furrow), crow's feet, under eye, and frown muscles. Another thing, I don't seem to be having as many headaches as I did before before the treatment.
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